Saturday, June 22, 2013

Friday June 21 2013: Departure from NC (Reflection of the first day)

Friday June 21 (the first day of Summer) I left at 10:25 from the downtown Raleigh train station. My destination Washington, DC.

I stepped on the train and I knew that it was going to be a spiritual journey...

The train ride there was long, but I made sure to make friends with a chemist and a young rapper. They were both really cool. They both seemed shy to speak, at first. But once we got talking then things just kind of flowed from there. The first thing the young rapper asked me, is if I sing. I was surprised because most people that I have interacted with don't pick up that about me when they first meet me. I never had trouble meeting new people. I always had trouble keeping friends because I go through so many transitions.

The majority of people that I know don't know what its like to grow up without parents...

And trying to explain is just impossible...

I have been blessed enough to have very kind people in my life. That is how I have been able to get through all the transitions that not having parents can bring.

The train ride was peaceful. I was able to meditate. I tapped into an assortment of emotions, nervousness, joy, sorrow, anger, frustration etc. I knew that those emotions were not mine because I was clear minded and extremely PEACEFUL.

I will say this that I don't like taking trips by myself. It is more fun when you have someone else with you. The way the train works is that, you sit by twos. So I did kind of wish that I had someone that I knew with me. But when I started feeling that way, I forced myself to make friends with the person next to me. So that I wouldn't add any negative vibes of longing or yearning for something that I did not have or could not have on my trip.

There was about a thirty minuet delay in my arrival time to DC. That is because we had to wait for other trains to pass. If there was a lesson to learn during the train it certainly was patience. We couldn't move until the other train passed. So the passengers had no choice but to wait. I like train rides because although they take a lot longer. They are more peaceful, in my opinion.

To those people who are always on the "GO! GO! GO!" who never have a moment to just sit and relax. We walk fast. Who talk fast. Who always want things done right away. Aka: Impatient people (often times like how I am) they won't like being thirty minutes late and having the train stop about three different times. It might frustrate them.

When I finally got to DC. I was overwhelmed by all the people walking around. By the three huge police officers standing right by the exist. They were very helpful of course. Then when I got into the train station building I found out that it was like a mini mall, at the train station. I was so lost! There were so many people walking around. People in DC walk like they have somewhere to be! The other thing is that they don't really seem to have a respect for the space of others. It was like they were oblivious to the fact that I was walking too. But I'm pretty sure that's how most of the world is. If you don't establish your exists and make yourself be KNOWN then people will just step right on you as they keep walking. The other thing that I need to invest in is a rollerbag luggage case. I'm so use to just throwing things in the car and going. But things here are different. You have to walk a ways to get to where you want to be. So you better make sure that you carry a bookbag or carry luggage that has wheels on it. I was so pissed and frustrated when I had to walk on the other side of the building.

I did ended up finding my friends car, after almost being knocked down by a herd of people lol

I like DC, it is lively. But I can tell that people here are intelligent and they don't play when it comes to make money. Its a different mentality here. People here aren't lazy and just sit around wishing that they can do stuff. They actually go out and get things done. And that's why I'm here. Because I want to get things done too.