Sunday, September 22, 2013

Letter to my Future Husband: Are you Battlefield Ready?

Dear Husband:

We have a great work to do for the kingdom God. I need  to be more than prepared to spirit box in the ring called "life" with me. We will have plenty of time for romance and dancing and kisses on the nose and giggles, but right now many people need to be guided to Gods love before the final hour has arrived.

Let me know help understand some things about me, so you don't get confused:

1. I'm very serious about my walk with Christ ( I was not always this serious, this is the product of one year only... imagine how strong God will make me in years to come...)

2. I love Gods people.

3. It is my duty to comfort, love, protect, heal and guide as many people as I can while I am on this earth. I can not detour from my task.

4. Intelligence is nothing without the word of God to balance it.

5. I pray every day, all the time, 24/7. In the shower, in the car, walking to the store. If that annoys you, then you probably should stop reading this.

6. The goal is to walk in the peace, truth and unconditional love of God daily, so I am constantly aware of how I feel in any situation. Yet, necessarily so how others feel about me.

7. I dress up for GOD. When I go to store, when I go to work, When I go to church. I am dressed up. When people see me, I want them to know who I represent and since I am a Christian. A gladiator for Christ I want people to know that God is the only one, who has given me this beauty.

8. Respectful Honesty: Is always the goal. If at any time I ask you, a question and you tell me that "its okay" or "its fine" or "You don't care" then I will not ask you to tell me again. I will take you at your word. We don't have time to play mind games, when the final hour is so close at hand. If you have something to SAY, if there is something bothering you, if I do something that annoys you or that you don't understand YOU NEED TO OPEN YOUR MOUTH RIGHT THEN AND SAY SOMETHING. But in a respectful, and loving way.

9. I love to sing, so if you are jealous/envious/ of my gift to sing or any gift that God blesses me with then don't even bother contacting me immediately. Rebuke that spirit of jealousy, get prayed over and then get back to me.

10. IF YOU BREAK MY HEART THE WRATH OF GOD WILL BE ON YOUR LIFE. THAT IS A PROMISE. I do not share my heart with just anyone. SO, If I trust you, that means that I trust that you are protecting GODS LOVE IN ME.

11. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. I need you to be organized, because the enemy won't have any traps to set or any trash to hide behind in your life, if you clean it up and take it out, feel me?

12. You need to have some kind of degree, bachelors, masters, ph.d. and your parents need not have just handed it to you. You need to have worked for it yourself.

13. Life experience. I know about loss at a young age. I grew up with no parents. So I had to grow up quickly. I am very mature for my age, some like to call me "an old soul, trapped in a supermodel body" If we are going to be together, we need to be able to relate on life experience.

14. MOST IMPORTANTLY GOD IS FIRST IN MY LIFE, all day, everyday. And so is my passion for praising and worshiping God. If that annoys you, click on the next blog, because you aren't strong enough to be my husband.