Monday, July 21, 2014

Red Carpet Couple: Razzle Dazzle Me!

I have chosen to pursue more supernatural experiences and to operate out of logic and reason (physical and spiritual). If it does not make sense, then I will not be participating. If, it isn't in order and it is tacky then I don't want to be apart of it. 

I don't have any desire to be "tamed." The only man that I'm going to be "in love" with other than Jesus Christ is my true Christian husband. 

It doesn't make sense to me, to be in love when your life is one struggle after another. Then the "being in love" becomes apart of the struggle and there is never any peace. I can not operate that way. It does not make sense to constantly put others first, when your own life is out of order and in shambles. It is true that we should help others, but you can't help others, until you help yourself? If you're in the hole, then how can you pull someone else out of the same hole that you are in? 

It doesn't make sense. 

I feel like being in love outside of the union of "marriage" is a distraction created by the enemy (the devil) to prohibit the sons and daughters of God from receiving our full blessings or to distract us so much that we don't even think of nor want the blessings that are promised to us. Any man that is not genuinely chasing after the heart of God, should not be chasing after mine. I stick to that wholeheartedly, because without it, comes unnecessary stress. 

Being in a relationship without God at the center of it, being without a consistent and strong prayer life and or active church life too is like trying to stuff your feet in shoes that are too small for you. It is stressful. Frustrating. Chaotic and Annoying. There is no peace. 

Ladies, it is a mistake to be in love with a mans' "potential." 

You can see that if God got a hold of him, that he could be a great man, strong and powerful for the Lord. But if he doesn't want to acknowledge his highest potential, accept it and walk in it he will remain thinking average, thinking as if he has already been defeated. Constantly living in mediocrity. And only the love of GOD and the CONVICTION of the holy spirit can help him to grow... don't wait for him to change, because he may not. Pray that he does. And if it be in Gods' Will for you and him to be together, God will bring him back in your life, cleaned up, ready to lead as the head of the household and most of all he will come "correct." 

I like to study patterns. 

One of the patterns that I noticed in my own life is how men approach me. They come from near and far, to "razzle and dazzle" me with their dreams of adventure of where they wish they could go, but would never have to courage to travel. Some, are the "nice guys" always "putting their best foot forward" but falling short of the standards that I have for any man that I date. Why? Because they don't know who they are. They have no clue how to be a man in this world. And if that is one thing... a woman can not teach a male how to be a man. 

I noticed that I often meet men who I will dub "wounded shells." These are the type of men that just get out of a long term relationship, engagement or marriage. They think that because I have the heart to love, that I also have the patience to wait for them to finally get back on "top" of the mountain.

I don't know why men think it is socially acceptable to pursue a serious relationship with me and talk about how they want a wife and children one day when they don't even have their life in order. Do you really think that God would bless your life with a wife and children (two of his most precious gifts) if you don't have the mental capacity nor the ability nor stability to take care of the gifts that HE (GOD) gives to you? 

I'm baffled. I'm amused, a little. 

Why men are so entitled, thinking that they deserve to be with the TOP QUALITY, THE BEST WOMAN, THE NICEST WOMAN, THE MOST LOVING WOMAN, THE  MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN when they themselves look like they have been living in a garbage can half their life, is beyond me. Sorry. You don't demand that Quality be given to you, you have to prove that you deserve it. And so far I have yet, to meet a man who has proven that they deserve me. 

Some would say, "well who are you?" "You're no one special." 
And well I beg to differ. I am someone special. I'm the daughter of the MOST HIGH KING. And I will not settle for less than the absolute best. I want a man who is dedicated and passionately on fire for GOD. A man is who is wise, humble, strong, compassion, intelligent, and handsome. 

I have met men who were shorter than myself, but they carried their confidence so well, that their height didn't bother me. I prefer to be in a long term relationship with a man who is taller than myself (he could be between 6'2-6'5) so that I can wear heels (but that is just a technical adjustment lol). I want my husband and I to be a "red carpet" couple. We would be a power couple. Much like Angie and Brad Pitt. They look stunning together. 

I do believe that Love exists and maybe I will meet a man who is strong enough to love me. But, I'm not going to compromise who I am because the guy who likes me isn't confident enough in himself to "handle me." The man that God has for me, will be more than capable of handling me. I will just naturally respect him. I won't have to ask him to change or "clean up his life" or do anything, because he will be man enough to take care of priorities and his life will already be in order.