Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Marriage: The Mind of Christ

Often times, over the years God would put things on my heart to write. I thought for awhile that he had forgotten about me when I took a break from writing for a few months.

But then one night I was trying to go to sleep and my mind would not keep quiet. Words of wisdom, leapt from the edges of my mind. Dipping and diving into my spirit! It was a powerful and a scary feeling. Why am I so young, yet I know (see) so much? Just like an 80 year old woman trapped in the body of a 20 year old.

That is how I felt since I awoke from my "unconscious slumber" before I found truth and before I made up my mind that I was going to walk in Gods truth and his unconditional Love. No matter what.

On. The. Battlefield. For------- GOD(YAHWEH)

I do not like mediocrity. Matter of fact I made it my mission to battle against it every chance that I get(Spiritual Warfare). I believe that God equips his called warriors with special gifts, that other people sometimes see as dysfunctions because the world can not understand them. If they sought GOD and had the full mind of Christ they would be able to. Yet, Sometimes I'm not aware of it, as acutely as I should be. When other times it whacks me in the face. How can you miss it?

Mediocrity is anything that holds you back of from reaching your highest potential through Christ and or receiving your full abundance of blessings.

For example loneliness.

Loneliness is a form of mediocrity because it attacks your mental state. It keeps you focused on what you don't have (someone to hold you at night) verses all the wonderful people in your life already (whether they are holding you at that moment or not). It keeps you distracted from hearing God, because once again you are so focused on what or who you don't have.  It makes you yearn for another life to sit next to you, talk to you, be your friend etc when in reality you really don't need anyone but GOD. When you call on God he will send his holy spirit, the comforter to keep you from being lonely.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Status Reflections: On Marriage and Truth

I find it interesting when my guy friends seem to think that they are on the same level as I.
I know who I am through Christ... A queen. Until he seems himself as a king through Christ.
Then we are not on the same level.

This transformation that God is taking me through is wonderful. Many guys are baffled by it, so they try to come up with reasons why they don't like me, just so they can cover up that they are really jealous that my anointing out shines theirs. It is very evident that if he had the opportunity to gain attention the way I do, but don't often acknowledge, that he wouldn't be the same person.

Also, like I said before in another blog I was married in the "spirit" a few months ago. I remember them saying, "this feels like a marriage" when they pissed off at me for trying to understand something that they said.

A lot of men get it twisted. You can't act like a dickhole on purpose and think that you are going to get away with treating me that way. You can't stomp your feet and expect for me to still come when you call.


Unlike most women I know that my husband needs to find me and not the other way around. So, when I'm ready to have him FIND ME, then I will let myself BE SEEN aka (take down my force field of intelligence and show him my heart). The other thing is I'm not going to be dumb enough to marry the first Guy that shows interest either. I'm going to SEEK GOD first and ask him to send me confirmation. If he is the one or not. And if he is, great.

Also when my husband I get into arguments I'm going to SEEK GOD and ask him to fix it according to his order and will for our life together. That is not to say that everything will always be perfect and happy go lucky. NO marriage can be a big test of your faith. But if you go in with your mind filled with the love and light of Christ. And ask GOD to send his comforter, the holy spirit. Then you will have one unstoppable guide. Also when you work out off the WILL of GOD, and GOD has sent you all the CLEAR SIGNS that he/she is not your husband. You only have yourself to blame for the chaos and destruction that emerges through your disobedience. I'm not going to pity anyone when they are blatantly disobedient to the will of GOD.


Because last time I was in love. I nearly had a heart attack. I felt their sin creep into my veins and poison me. They didn't care. And through their indifference they were killing me.... Any man that tries to kill me, tries to rob me of the strength that you GOD put inside of my heart for my protection or belittles the intelligence and mocks the wisdom that you put in my mind to know and share. Does not love you, because he doesn't appreciate the gifts that you put inside of me.

Also I was engaged twice and I even lived with a man for awhile, so I had everything but the title and the ring. But, I do humble myself enough to hear advice from those who were offered the full package of marriage. There are always lessons to be learned that can also pertain to other areas of your life.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Childlike Heart(Praise GOD) aka: My Friend Mr. Gumby

Sometimes my friend(gumby) doesn't know how much they break my childlike heart when they act indifferent to my existence, yawn while I'm talking or say hateful things to me.


When they run to the attention of a stranger but won't even call or write to ask about my day it hurts me. They can call, write, Skype with everyone else but they can't seem to care that much about the one person that gave a shit when they were heart broken over their divorce, sad and miserable.


I still don't know why I even bother. In my old life I would never associate with them because back then all I cared about was looks and status and all I wanted to do was be a spoiled princess.......

But then life knocked me on the head one too many times and God, only GOD! opened my eyes to see the truth behind the darkness in my friends' heart. And God told me to love. But I had to learn to love with the mind of Christ and not with my ego.  
Then after God told me to Love no matter what the situation was, no matter what mood he was in or anyone else was in. Just Show love! 

Yet, I know, If I treated them the way they treat me, they wouldn't like me very much..... But I choose to rise above the mediocrity. That's why we are reading the same book, but one is in another language.


And it hurts, to see them not take care of themselves and even more when they wallow in the painful memories of their "old" life. Instead of wishing for the past they should praise GOD (YAHWEH) for how far God has brought them, for the blessings they have right now, the truths that God has taught them to know, the favor God placed on their life and give praise even more for how much further God will take them.

Long Status Reflections (1)

I decided to put the long status reflections into one place, that I can add to on a regular basis. It will make things a lot easier and give me room to share videos and pictures that I find or have that I feel may positively influence, guide, teach or inform someone else's life.

Queen through Christ Reflection:

Other people pine for the attention that I receive. But to be real, I barely notice it. That ability to have influence and gain attention is not my own. It comes from God.
When people see me, they get nervous and or they get shy. Its like they are in disbelief that they have someone in their life that could be so stunningly beautiful. But it is not me. God cleaned me up to be this way..... and He can clean you up too, when you are ready to be purged of the sickness in your heart.