Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On. The. Battlefield. For------- GOD(YAHWEH)

I do not like mediocrity. Matter of fact I made it my mission to battle against it every chance that I get(Spiritual Warfare). I believe that God equips his called warriors with special gifts, that other people sometimes see as dysfunctions because the world can not understand them. If they sought GOD and had the full mind of Christ they would be able to. Yet, Sometimes I'm not aware of it, as acutely as I should be. When other times it whacks me in the face. How can you miss it?

Mediocrity is anything that holds you back of from reaching your highest potential through Christ and or receiving your full abundance of blessings.

For example loneliness.

Loneliness is a form of mediocrity because it attacks your mental state. It keeps you focused on what you don't have (someone to hold you at night) verses all the wonderful people in your life already (whether they are holding you at that moment or not). It keeps you distracted from hearing God, because once again you are so focused on what or who you don't have.  It makes you yearn for another life to sit next to you, talk to you, be your friend etc when in reality you really don't need anyone but GOD. When you call on God he will send his holy spirit, the comforter to keep you from being lonely.

A truth that I discovered is that beauty can be found in mediocrity.

There also can be truth in mediocrity.

For example: "Beauty from pain"

The mediocrity: is pain, because pain can hold you back from focusing on hearing God. Why? Because you are so focused on wanting that pain that it becomes hard to focus on anything besides getting ride of that pain.

The truth: Is that there can be beauty from pain. Example: Childbirth

You have in labor, that is the pain(mediocrity that can take you away from your focus on God), but after your child arrives in the world, you think your child is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

When I discovered this I was a little bit taken aback. I had to rethink this over and over, because I was in disbelief. I always thought that beautiful was beautiful and ugly was ugly. Which is a truth that works in order. But it is not the only truth. Because if that were the case, then how can some ugly people be considered beautiful?

Then you break it down into further dimensions such as: Beautiful mind. Beautiful heart. Beautiful spirit. Ugly mind. Ugly heart. Ugly spirit.

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