Friday, December 26, 2014

Marriage Is A Ministry: Not A Fashion Trend

Marriage is a Ministry. Not a Fashion trend. 

I have friends, male and female who got married too early in life and not much long after ended up divorced in their middle twenties or  by their early thirties. Why did this happen? Well, there are multiple reasons but mainly I hear:

"We grew a part..."

"We didn't know one another very well..."

"She got pregnant..."

Christmas Eve & Day: 2014 Reflection

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Reflection: 

I guess people don't think that I have a life outside of them. It is not on their time and about what they want to do, then you better be beware of the "guilt you into doing something" monster. 

I have a confession to make: I need to be way more bluntly honest than I have been. Sometimes being "in love" or being in a relationship takes the "bite" out of the stink so to speak and softens you down so much, that you can no longer taste the "kick" in your holiday punch. 
But, that won't be me anymore...

I'm tired of people telling me things at the last minute and then expecting me to snap my magical fingers and BOOM! VA BOOM! I'm ready! At your service, with my slave chains on ready to serve you. 

Even, if I am told about an event in advance that does not guarantee that I will be able to go... why? Because I have a life outside of other people. And in particular I go where I am most appreciated and where I am most peaceful. If, I think there will be drama of any kind, I will not attend. Why? Because, I'd rather watch drama on TV than have it going on in my own life. 

It is hard to think clearly, (properly analyze) when you have a handful of people that complain about everything you do no matter how you do it, or how hard you try. It doesn't matter. IF they don't see you producing immediate results to their liking, then you get to be in the: HOT SEAT. I'm not available for interviews at this time, but when I am... I will let the world know. 

On the other hand, I had a very Soap Opera Christmas eve and a very peaceful Christmas Day. I never had a Christmas where I laughed so much, but I had a wonderful time. Not because I received tons of gifts, but because I got to spend time with people who I don't feel judge me on every little thing and mostly I got to just relax in who God created me to be. Loud, beautiful, dynamic and stunningly charming. 

I believe that 2015 will be a year of: 
#NoExcuses #FinishIt #BuildTheFoundation. 

I learned that most times people don't really know what they can handle until they are in a situation that challenges them to look beyond their comfort zone. 

I also learned that no everyone who claims they are a "Christian" is really (trying) to follow Christ. Some people just use Jesus Christ as a ploy to get other people to "follow them" or "like" their facebook statuses. 

Welcome to a perfect world: Where you can be facebook famous for posting stuff that you really don't believe in or where you can take ten million selfies and feel like a celebrity for a day. Please! let us not forget the famous YOUTUBE special where you can get your 15 minutes of fame by doing tacky, obnoxious, even reckless videos and everyone praises you for being an idiot. 

Thank God 2015 is here. I'm ready to see what is next. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

"Glamorous" Miserable Ones

I thought when I joined club "Jesus" that it would give me access to benefits that the unbelievers didn't get. To some degree, it did. To the rest of that, it clearly did not. 

People do stupid stuff every day and get famous for doing it. 
They talk crap about other people and treat people like shit, and yet they still have everything they want and need. 

Then those of us who TRY... 

(I'm not going to say I'm perfect because I make mistakes all the time, but once again the difference is that I don't stay stuck on stupid. I MOVE move MOVE move MOVE move MOVE) 

and really give it our best get the crap end of the stick. We work the hardest. We fight the hardest. We make the most sacrifices and for some of us each year we find ourselves in the same boat, praying over the same things. Over and Over. 

When it all my hard work, busting my ass and breaking my neck finally going to pay off for me? Why do I get to sit back and watch other people propser off my dreams and goals? What about all those promises in the bible that are beaten into our heads from day one: God will never leave nor forsake you... 

I see good people go through the most horrible things and it breaks my heart. If God wanted to he could just swoop down from Heaven and save them. So why doesn't he? 
What is the point of living, if you're always stressed about money, bills, kids, etc This life is suppose to be a blessed life. Blessing coming and going, right? Then how come so many bad things are happening and where is GOD that he won't stop all this nonsense? 

What good is beauty, if you are always kept hidden? 

What good can knowledge do, if you never have a platform or an audience to share it with? 

What. Is. The. Point? 

And yet, no matter how I feel or where I am in life people still flock to me because they see "something" in me. It is a lot of responsibility to guide someone out of HOPELESSNESS. It takes a toll on your entire being. Not only do you have to listen to all their issues and problems, but you also have to find a way to help them out of their hole.