Saturday, July 13, 2013

Deceptions Truth: Example Through Action

I find it very unnerving when I meet men who assume that just because I look at them a certain way or smile at them or give them any attention at all that, that somehow means that I like them more than I really do. 

Instead of just pulling me to the side and asking me, "hey, are you feeling me? or I'm feeling some weird vibes, what's up?" They have to get a pompous, big ass dome, throw a tantrum or parade around like a damn clown. I don't like you. I have already overcome any obstacle you thought you provided. 

My only focus is getting closer to Gods love and truth. 

On top of that I'm happy with the life I have. Don't like the truth. Then tactfully confront me. If that is not something you can do then don't even get offended by this piece of writing and move on with life or get offended and simmer in your own pity party. You aren't affecting my walk with Christ either way.