Saturday, July 13, 2013

Deceptions Truth: Example Through Action

I find it very unnerving when I meet men who assume that just because I look at them a certain way or smile at them or give them any attention at all that, that somehow means that I like them more than I really do. 

Instead of just pulling me to the side and asking me, "hey, are you feeling me? or I'm feeling some weird vibes, what's up?" They have to get a pompous, big ass dome, throw a tantrum or parade around like a damn clown. I don't like you. I have already overcome any obstacle you thought you provided. 

My only focus is getting closer to Gods love and truth. 

On top of that I'm happy with the life I have. Don't like the truth. Then tactfully confront me. If that is not something you can do then don't even get offended by this piece of writing and move on with life or get offended and simmer in your own pity party. You aren't affecting my walk with Christ either way. 

The reason why I cut back on drinking socially is because I found out that I was drinking just to fit in. But in trying to "fit in" it made the situation awkward and thus, like always I stood out like a sore thumb. So, the very method I used to try and blend in ended up backfiring. Go figure lol

I discovered that I'm not a person that is meant to be apart of situations that are predictable or rather that I don't work well in predictable situations. I enjoy being placed in situations that require me to tap into that "beast of intelligence" that God blessed me with. Every time I doI train it. So to speak. 

The other thing is that there are different types of intelligence. So one person many be super awesome in math and know everything about numbers, while the other person may be super knowledgeable in history and can tell you anything on the subject. Neither one is better than the other. Neither one is good or bad. But the value of importance comes in, when the situation is presented. If the situation calls for knowledge of math, then person A looks like the genius. If it calls for the other, then person B. If it calls for both, then they both feel like geniuses. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they have a common bond. 

I'm not saying that I'm better than anyone, because like I recently started saying and putting out there is that 

1. we all fall short of the glory of God and 

2. I'm poor, needy and blind and I need God to clean me up. 

But, I am saying that even basic jokes annoy my spirit now. Why? Because I can see the bs in it. People make jokes to either cover a more aggressive feeling of insecurity or block their opponent or audience from learning about their true identity. Sometimes I laugh, at how silly some of the conversations are that I engage it. None of what we go through right now is going to matter when Christ Jesus (Yeshua) comes back for us. We can analyze all we want and parade around saying, "I'm right! You're wrong" 

But that's not Christ like. Yeshua did not parade around his intelligence and say LOOK at me! oh! Look at me! He did it through actions and discerned parables. If you want to be more like Christ, then you have to know when to engage your audience and when to let just your glow and light of Christ's love speak for itself. 

People so much time in their own head, trying to figure out God instead of allowing God to reveal himself to them, when he is ready that they miss out on Gods blessings. They hunger for Greatness when they aren't even ready to bare the truth and power, and RESPONSIBILITY of that Greatness. If you can't even maintain one friendship nor finish a project that should have been done along time ago, what makes you think that you think that God would just handover his gift of Power to someone who can't even handle it?! Gods power is MIGHTY! It is beyond what any human can fathom and everyone wants it and Christians claim that they are desperate to have it. But are you ready to carry its weight? Is your Spirit Strong enough to carry the weight of Gods power? 

For most Christians the answer is no. Not because they aren't physically strong but because their Faith is too low. They think that they can use their science and theories to put God in a tiny little box and sum him up like that! How foolish. 

I use to puff myself out too and walk around thinking that I knew everything, until God threw a curve ball at me that I did not expect. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why do I feel this way? And why did God put this person in my life and setup them up to act that way? What is the lesson that is attached to this experience? 

The entire time I was stuck inside my head. I missed out on on Gods blessings. His laughter. His peace. His unconditional Love. 

The truth is that even deception can be honest and it starts with a smile that says I know that I know, that I know that God is real, but do you believe that I know, that I know that God is real? So, through my actions. Let me encourage you to see another side...

But people never think this far... I may be completely wrong in writing this and if I am then God will send someone to tell me. Even the ugliest of truths we have to accept because that's where the healing begins. 

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