Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"That's Not Who You Really Are..." (How Would You Know?)

When you are strong, people assume that that is how you always are and always will be. 
But that is far from the truth. Those who are considered to be strong in spirit get tired too. They go through bad days and confused emotions just liked everyone else, but they don't necessarily show them as often as others.


People often disappoint themselves when they assume, instead of "know." Whatever happen to "getting to know" someone? I feel as though that very important step has been taken out of the "relationship" process. 

When people assume that someone is a certain way, they set themselves up for disappointment. What if you think someone is a perfect angel and then they do something that you don't agree with? Well (in my experiences) that automatically makes you not want to further get to know them. Then the judgments come in. 

Then you start to assume the worst about someone, based off of that one moment in time. 

People assume that because I like makeup, dressing up and wearing high heels that it automatically makes me "superficial..." *how sad*

Why can't I enjoy looking good for myself? 
Why can't I like enhancing the beauty that God gave me with a little eyeliner or lip gloss? 
Why can't I enjoy wearing whatever makes me feel the most beautiful?