Monday, July 15, 2013

Willfulness & Self Control: The Greatest Gift Given to Us

Is Gods love

Each person, has Gods love in them. Whether they access that love is a part of free will.
When you tap into that Love, you also have access to others who love the way you do.
The gift is powerful.
The love is great.
The connection is wrapped in Gods peace.
That no man, situation, lust of flesh can break. 

This body is not our own. We are only borrowing it while we are earth. The biggest problem I faced in the past is that I wanted to act in my own will and not Gods. During the times when I did, God showed me is wrath and also his grace. Yet, even when I went through because of disobedience God still showed that he loved me, by maintain a peace through the situation. 

God is everywhere, so pray everywhere. 

The one thing that I discovered is that self control is a huge issue, and it comes right before lust. How do you step into the burning lava of lust? By having lack of self control. Well what if there was a way that you could avoid that all together, by being so wrapped in Gods plans for your life and wrapped in Gods love that you do not even have the desire to lust, to steal? etc

The things that God puts in front of us do not necessarily belong to us, sometimes they are gifts that God gives to us, but tells us that we can only look at but not touch. Why can't we touch them? Because God knows that, there are times when our flesh gets weak and he does not want to taint the gift with our fleshly fingerprints. 

The one thing that I wanted them to understand is not to love me, Jalysa. But love, the love of God in me. Not possess it. Not try to control it. Not try to beat it down. Just simply care, appreciate and love. 

I feel hurt when people don't recognize Gods love in me, because that means that they don't keep God on their mind often. I have watched the changed. I have seen us grow. And the truth is: Prayer works. Yes! Yes! Yes! Praying in the right spirit gets your prayers answered. 

I do believe that God is molding me to be a wife someday, but I do not know who I will have to submit to. That is one of the biggest things that I face because I would like and hope that God makes it so that I submit to a man that is Strong in faith. 

On another note: 
People think that comfort is something that is owed to them. But even comfort is a gift from God. When we act spoiled, entitled we diminish the gifts that God give to us and what makes it even worse is that when God does give us those gifts we also do not treat them very well. For example, why would your parents give you a brand new car, if they knew that you did not take of the last one very well?