Sunday, May 12, 2013

Long Status Reflections (1)

I decided to put the long status reflections into one place, that I can add to on a regular basis. It will make things a lot easier and give me room to share videos and pictures that I find or have that I feel may positively influence, guide, teach or inform someone else's life.

Queen through Christ Reflection:

Other people pine for the attention that I receive. But to be real, I barely notice it. That ability to have influence and gain attention is not my own. It comes from God.
When people see me, they get nervous and or they get shy. Its like they are in disbelief that they have someone in their life that could be so stunningly beautiful. But it is not me. God cleaned me up to be this way..... and He can clean you up too, when you are ready to be purged of the sickness in your heart.

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