Saturday, May 11, 2013

Boxing Ring of Intelligence: The Truth About Man

The thought of even wanting a boyfriend or any male affection is a form a form of mediocrity in my book. But because I'm not perfect and God is still healing me. I feel the need to talk about it.

If I were to have a boyfriend I would have to lower my intellect.

I don't think that most men are worth the time and hassle to even step into the ring of intelligence with me. I will rip their head off and eat their eyes for a snack.

The intelligence and wisdom that God gave me is powerful.

I have yet to meet a man who can stand in the ring of intelligence with me for longer than maybe 4 or 5 rounds. After about the 5th round they give up and declare they are tired or they get annoyed because they can't get me to agree with them.

If they are wrong. Why would I agree, just so they can feel good about themselves?

Also men lie too much for me.

They lie about simple things too. For example: If you don't want to hang out, why don't you just say I don't want to hang out. See how easy that is.

That way I can not waste my time on you and go find someone else to hang out with.

But the problem with men today that they are so afraid of looking like the "bad" guy. I would rather you just be honest than worry about looking like the "bad" guy.

Its saves me time. I don't want to waste any more time on losers.

Men think that they can appeal to my empathy, little do they know that I'm a "sweet ice queen" and I don't care about feelings when it comes to truth. I'm bluntly honest and I'm not biting my tongue for any man.

The other thing is that "nice guys" are only nice until they don't get their way. Then when they get their way they turn into the asshole. So really no man is a nice guy. They are all just assholes some just wear a full mask while others only wear a half of a mask.


In the past I thought that if I dated the "nice guys" that they would treat me better. But, even the nice guys decided that they wanted to mistreat me.

I find it so strange that when I see my exes now in my new life, they are treating their new gf or their wife like gold. They open her door and treat her like a lady. They are attentive and sensitive to her needs. They pull down the moon and the starts for her. Yet, when they were with me all they did was say one hateful thing after another. The interesting thing is that their new woman doesn't even seem to care if they are alive or dead. If they are with them or not. Its always the sluts that get treated like Queens and the Queens that get treated like sluts.

I made up my mind that I can't be with any man who doesn't have the mind of Christ. And seeks Gods truth and walking in Gods love. I also realized that just because a person is a man of God does not mean that he has the mind of Christ. A man that has the mind of Christ acts completely different. Is on a whole other level.

Most of my guy friends will get gfs at some point and when they do they will forget all about me. When those women cheat on them or break their heart they will find me and want to "hang out" again. But I have decided that I won't be available. Because I'm tired of being OLD FAITHFUL, sitting there waiting until he is done messing around for him to realize that I was the diamond that he dropped to pick up a pebble.

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