Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thirsty Intellectuals: "Bible Thumper"

The worst thing for a guy is to be too eager when he meets me. It makes me want to run for the hills. I like for a man to have cool confidence, but I also need for him to be HONEST. That whole "put your best foot forward" is bullcrap and I no longer accept it. I use to "play the game." I use to let him blow my head up and compliment me to death, but I already know I'm beautiful so what's NEW in life?

I don't go out to the bars and clubs nearly as much as I use to, because I found that when you have a walk with Christ you can't go everywhere and do everything. Why? Because you are held to a higher standard. I am a QUEEN through Christ. I don't need to be associated with the peasants of the land. That may not sound "nice" but it is true. And those who I am calling "peasants" are not so because they are ugly or don't wear the "coolest" clothes. They are peasants because they allow mediocrity to hold them back from Greatness.

They live for the world and not for God. They praise other people and not GOD. They put their hope and trust into banks, stocks, cars, clothes, TV, movies, etc and not in GOD. Who do they think made the banks and stocks? God gave man the knowledge to create such systems. But man did not thank God for the knowledge because man got too use to receiving the praise from other people. Their pride started to grow and their egos started to swell... the fall of man will be due to pride among other things.

The other thing that is on my mind, which I can express better in written form, is that sometimes I meet guys who are "intellectuals." They appeal to my intellect. They talk about philosophy and poetry and they analyze like a scientist.

But even those guys I have to be careful of, because sometimes they are so much into their own intelligence that they forget to give GOD the credit for being able to understand a higher level of thinking.

Also when I meet a man like that I immediately see if he LOVES GOD, because most times men know GOD but they do not LOVE GOD. 

Side note: Just because a person is a man/woman of God does not mean that they are perfect and it also does not mean that they have to attend church every single day nor that they are "bible thumpers."

I resent that title because it comes off disrespectful in my book, as if the person is saying that it is WRONG or bad to not only read the bible but to also understand what you have read in it. It makes it sound like that person thinks they are better than the next person because they choose to seek truth in the word of GOD.  

There is nothing wrong with reading the bible, but if you don't have consistent faith to also aid in your growth of the knowledge you have received you will be a man/woman with just a lot of knowledge but no real connection to GOD.

GOD knows what he told his people to write, what he needs for you to do is read, understand and then put what you have understood to ACTION.

Even so when a man tells me that he is just "spiritual" that just opens the door for me to be his friend but it closes the door for me to want to seek trying to develop a dating relationship with him. Because I'm a GLADIATOR for CHRIST. Not only do a know, read and understand what I have read in the bible but I also put what I have read to action in my daily walk with CHRIST.

And that is a whole other story that most men that call themselves "spiritual" are just too weak to understand and accept about me.

So I don't waste my time on weaklings.

It is time out for men to be so weak in this world.

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