Saturday, September 6, 2014

Maturity In Blogging

I'm at a point in my life, where "good enough" isn't enough. I want the best. I want better than the best. Sometimes I feel like North Carolina is holding me back from an entire world of mini adventures. I tried to break free from NC months ago, only to find myself in a worse prison than the one I had.

I live by what is realistic, yet nothing that has happen recently seems to make much sense. I will say that I’m brutally honest when it comes to staying true to a the nature of a situation, so I blog about the men that I like or have dated, depending on how they affected me.

If they were jerks, I talk about all their bad points. Some would think that's not right, "you shouldn’t talk about other people..." yet, the very people who say that, turn around and talk about someone else. So, if we are going to make a rule, let's all be included in it, shall we?

I was going to blog about the series of dates that this young man and I went on, but I decided that I was going to do things differently with this relationship. In the past I blogged about their good qualities, they read it and that overwhelmed them. Made them feel pressured; instead of appreciated, they spit in my face.

I spoke of their less pleasing traits and or circumstances surrounding me and instead of them saying something about it, other people had to write to me, to defend them on their behalf. Cowards. If that is one thing I can not stand, its a man who can't fight his own battles.

This young man certainly has come a long way, since we first hung out. He has always been very respectful. He opens all my doors. He treats me just like a princess. I love it. When we are together it is like a new adventure. There never seems to be enough time for us to spend together.

But, there is another side to Pretty:

Pretty, doesn't want to be trapped.

Pretty doesn't want to be some trophy on a mans' shelf collecting dust, because he got tired of keeping the mantel clean.

Pretty doesn't want to be the "clean up" woman having to pay for the aftermath of another womans' mistakes. 

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