Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Reflection: VA (Life, Love and Christianity) (Part 1)

Imagine if Mary Poppins was a warrior chick instead of a smiling, singing, umbrella flying nanny...

I'm not like Mary Poppins or Plain Jane.

This time last year, I was stuck in Virginia, praying that I would go home. It was one of the most traumatic experiences in my life. To be stuck somewhere, where you don't know anyone and where no one can give you the answers you seek. 

I reflect often because I never want to forget where I was, to where God has me now.
I'm passionate about life, love and people. When people need me I make it my best effort to help them as best as I can. Sometimes, the only help that I can extend is a hug and a prayer. But even that can go along way. 

So, for me to find myself in a cruel situation was mind boggling. 
The advice was given for me to cut all ties from VA, but unfortunately VA is a part of who I am today. The tears. The sleepless nights. The anxiety and confusion. They all played a part. 

The strange thing is that back then I knew that change was on the rise the second I set foot in that community. 

I have you ever been in a crowd and noticed that everyone was whispering and talking about YOU? I was the topic of interest. Everyone wanted to whisper about me and make judgments but I noticed that for Christians no one bothered to stop and ask me how I had gotten to VA in the first place. 

They were not concerned with my story.  

My experience in VA made me think differently about love and relationships and Christianity. 

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