Monday, May 6, 2013

IF YOU are a man or THINK YOU ARE a man: Read this...

Dear Men Folk:
Be honest with yourself. You are never satisfied.

You can have everything your heart needs ("right in front of you") but you still want to know if the "grass is greener on the other side" Even if the other woman has a boyfriend/husband/lover/pimp/sugar daddy...

You have a perfectly good woman in your life, who will DO JUST about ANYTHING FOR YOU. But it is not enough because there is something in you that's lacking if you feel the need to "PISS" on/flirt with/chase after/thirst after etc every woman you see.

God blessed you with a beautiful woman in your life and all you can do is talk shit to her and belittle her efforts?!

Until you treat her with respect and love nothing good will be consistent in your life. Every time something good happens it will also be met with a terrible sorrow and or disappointment.

But before you can love any woman properly you must first know and walk in the Love of God.

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