Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dating & Spiritual Warfare: Tricks of the devil

People don't believe that spiritual warfare is real. I know that I have said that before. But it is a true statement for most, if not the majority. 

I sometimes think that men are less likely to believe in spiritual warfare than women, although I have no scientific facts ("hard evidence") to back that statement up with. 

There is a lot going on in the world that people just look right over. 

I'm writing this entry because recently I have noticed that some old male guys interests that I use to like and or be or enamored with have resurfaced. I know that is just the trick of the devil. I also know that the older gentleman who use to stalk me (yep, long story but it is true) is just a test of my patience and faith. 

How he got me to be his friend was through music and offering money and although, he extended help, he did it for all the wrong reasons. 

I think everyone around me pretty much caught on after awhile. Although, it bothered me that it took them a lot longer to see the truth than I did. He claimed that he was attending church because he wanted to get closer to God. But whenever he was there he just sat there staring at me like a psycho. 

I'm sure that people change. I know that God can clean up anyone's heart. But at the time he had a very strong possessive spirit on him. That's another reason why I'm selective about dating, because like I have said before some men seem to think that just because I hang out with them and or give them any bit of attention (even just a hello or smile) that, that somehow means that I want to be their girlfriend and or I like them more than a friend. 

It is very annoying and it makes situations awkward. I'm the type of lady that just enjoys good company and awesome conversation. I'm not trying to rush into anything too serious and I'm not trying to be possessed or controlled any man. That is just how it is. When a man starts saying "YOU CAN'T...." then I start saying "I CAN" and I walk away. 

I'm at a point in my life where I'm going to do the things that I enjoy with or without an adventure partner. The strange thing is that people are not as generous as I would like to believe. Some people can genuinely give without expecting anything in return. That is very evident with the acceptance and love of my god family. 

But I don't find too many men, nowadays who are like that. I did meet one who isn't cheap, disrespectful, possessive with minimized ability to hold an intelligent conversation. He doesn't make lame jokes to make up for that sometimes "awkward" silence that happens between a man and a woman. He doesn't say ridiculous phrases like "that's what she said..." in order to compensate for his lack of confidence in conducting himself as a grown, adult man. 

I have a lot of issues with men because they demand respect from women but they don't do anything that deserves respect. Just because they breathe and have extended body parts somehow makes them entitled. OH? but wait! We are entitled because we DO NOT PUT UP with your BS? Is that how that works? So if we played your games and allowed you to win so you can feel like a man then you would want to treat us right? 


No one has time to baby sit a grown ass man. Be honest with how you feel, enjoy life and treat people the way you want to be treated. Very simple life, right? Yeah, as long as they don't skip the first step 


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