Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Man of GOD(Eyes of Love) Do You Trust Me?

When it was time for me to go back to NC, I was late getting to the bus station. I was scared that I wouldn't make it in time. It was my first time taking a bus to go back home. I was impatient, I was worried. But the entire time Daniel was calm. He was peaceful. Before I got to the bus station, he looked me straight in the eyes and asked me: "Do you trust me?" The worry and angst quickly subsided the moment he asked the question. And gently I heard myself say, "yes." And after that I was peaceful from then on...

The worry left me. The confusion left me.
The only thing I could think about was the next time I would get to be in his arms again. He helped me carry my heavy bags all the way through the station, to where the buses were without stopping. He was tired from driving, sad because he didn't want me to go, probably hungry, a bit frustrated because it was hot. But never once did he stop and never once did he yell at me, call me names get upset.

He was calm.

This is one of my favorite memories of a strong man of God. I'm happy to share it, because it reminds others that no matter what situation they go through, when God is first things will work out as they should for your benefit.

So, when I say I love this man. I truly do. No, matter what life changes he or I go through I still will love him. I still will love Gods love in him. I still will protect Gods love in him. Encourage him in his walk with Christ too, the way he did for me when I was going through the fire.

When I first met him I was in an interesting, yet frustrating place in my life. God opened the door for me to take a "vacation" to DC so that I could get out of the cycle of mediocrity that I was in, in NC.

See, in NC I was going "crazy." I applied for every job. I went to every and any interview and finally when I went to the last interview for a hostess position and the owner of told me that he needed me to go train for the position that I had more than 6 years experience in... I lost it.

God knew it. So the vacation came at a very good time.

I met this man of God at this place called the National Harbor.
I was still unhappy about my situation. Not having a job, not having my own place, not knowing where I was going to be next...

But when I got around him all those worries seemed petty and ridiculous. He made me laugh. He spoke to me in the most gentlest of ways. He rekindled, the sweetness, kindness and gentleness in me. He saw the light and love of God in me, even when I was going through a unfavorable situation and that's what attracted him to me in the first place.

He is humble, wise, patient and strong. That is the man that I remember falling in love with, even till this day. It was his confidence, trust and passion in God that lead me to want to learn more about him.

He cared about the way I spoke. I was cursing a lot at that time. He told me that I needed to stop and gradually I did. He helped me to find a balance in my walk with Christ. He encouraged me to continue to pray and seek God.

Even when it was time for me to go back to NC, he still prayed with me. He called me every single day. We skyped all the time to talk about how our day went, goals and dreams. When he saw my face his eyes lit up and he was happy.

He said that he wished that I were with him. I wished for the same thing. We skyped every day. We talked on the phone for hours, sometimes being so tired that one of us would fall asleep (it was probably me lol).

I was so happy with him. But I wasn't in love with him as a man, yet I was in love with Gods love in him. I admire his confidence and strength in God. I told him when I met him that he was suppose to be a leader. That he was wise, patient, humble and strong.

When I met him I did not see him with the eyes of flesh, as in so many cases in year before him. NO, I saw him with the eyes of God. I prayed that God would bless my life with a man who is strong, confident, dedicated to serving God. And the Lord did.

He loved me. When he kissed me on the forehead, my heart would melt. When he held me in his arms I felt safe. When he spoke to me he spoke kindly, gently. When I cried because I didn't understand he comforted me. When I needed a friend he listened to me talk. When I needed a smile, he made me laugh.

Those are the memories I have of that young man of God. That is how I choose to always remember him. God sent him to help me. God gave him that good paying job so that he (the young man of God) would be in a position to bless my life and to help me get out of the hole that I was in. I will always be thankful for the love, the patience, the kindness, the joy that God sent him in life to share with me.

I never met a man who could see Gods love in me or even love Gods strength in me, before... it is an amazing experience. One that I pray every lady gets to know. You will never go back to dating any type of man again. You will want to wait for God to send the man that he has for you, so that you will always be able to have Gods love in you recognized, appreciated, protected and loved.

I love him, even right now. This entire blog has been on my heart to write for a few weeks now, but I could not write it because I was distracted by negative spirits. I rebuke those negative spirits in the name of Jesus Christ and through the power and authority of YAHWEH, I bind them up and cast them down to the pits of hell.

Glory be to the Almighty, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Thank you Father, God for blessing my life with Daniel. Thank you God for providing me with peace, patience and clarity on the situation that I was in. Thank you God for restoring Daniel and I in your perfect love. Thank you God for opening my eyes to see Daniel the way you helped me to see him the first time. Thank you God for filling him with your love, your humility, your grace, your kindness, your patience, your understanding. Thank you God for allowing him to recognize your love in me, loving your love in me and protecting your love in me.

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