Sunday, October 6, 2013

All Consuming Holy Ghost Power

Who God is molding me into, even I can not understand. I need more of the word of God so that I can balance this passion and anointing.
There are some days when the anointing is so strong that it chokes me in the physical. I feel like I'm going crazy, seeing things that I'm not suppose to see to the "normal" world. Details. God has opened my eyes to notice details about people that no one else would ever notice and it scares me. Once I tap into that gift I can not get out of it and once I start seeing the details of how people really are it annoys me, because I can also see how they act to the world. It is almost like looking through the window into someone's heart.

I thank God that souls4real started their fall bible study because I need more of the word of God to balance me out. Recently I have been too much into to the "spirit" and not enough into the word and its causing me to be more aggressive than even I can handle. Yes, I was built for the strong but the power of the holy spirit is extremely powerful and if you are not ready to receive it, it could drive you crazy.

When I started this walk with Christ, I started on level 10 being most powerful. I was never aware of spirits before. I knew about angels and demons but I never really believed. Until I met prophetess who told me things about myself that no one else could ever know. Stuff that I don't write about. After I met her I continued to meet apostles, prophets, ministers, evangelists etc and my world was never the same.

I went from hanging out with pot heads and drinkers and party animals to hanging out with some of Gods most elite and skillful warriors. Aggressively Powerful. So naturally I was the weak link. I was always quiet. I never spoke up. I never said much fo anything.

But, the second I stepped into Virginia I knew that my world was going to change. I always knew that I was spiritually sensitive, but being here took that spiritual sensitivity like 5 notches up and if i don't learn how to control the energy flow it will drive me insane.

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