Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Slave Into A Queen: Rise To The Calling

This rising to Queen status has been a challenge. I want so much to live a "normal" life, but God has not called me to be that. I notice that God has only sent me strong warriors for his love. The strongest of the strongest of his warriors to aid with me in battle.

People think that I'm "high and mighty" because I see myself as a Queen and even better yet conduct myself as one when I go out during the day. "Oh, what a snob!" I hear them say even if they think I'm not listening... I'm always listening.

But, I pay them no mind. I know how I am through Christ Jesus who loved me first before any man ever knew what love really was. And with that said I have to walk in being a Queen through Christ or else all the work that I have done, training and preparation for the position as a Queen through Christ would have been for nothing. I know that God wants me to lead his people one day. I just don't know the time, the day or even the moment as of yet.  

With that said, God is steadily sending me counselors to aid me in this process and to keep me focused in the right direction...

I have a friend named, let's call her Ms. L and she loves me very much. Prior to coming to Virginia my god family showed me what "real love" is daily but I never caught on to it because I was not use to it. I had only had them in my life for two years and already in two years they had done more for me than many of the family and friends that I knew since I was a little girl.

They "took me in" and nursed me back to health and I thank God for them even today and even days after this day. I was on the verge of "death" and God sent them to step in and protect me until I was able to stand on my own again.

And that is the same way that it is with this young lady. She is very patient with me. She does not even know me that well. I have only known her for about 5 months and in that 5 months she has been the most supportive and understanding. Whenever I get into my flesh and start acting out, she steps in to remind me of who God created me to be.
FYI: I don't make a habit of listening to just anyone, mind you. Matter of fact in the past if a chick tried to "preach" to me I would have gotten ugly... REAL beastly.

But, that's why God is so awesome. He didn't send just anyone to be my "battle buddy" he sent one of his strongest warriors, because he knew that, that is what it would take to get me to listen.
The deal is that Ms. L doesn't play that making excuses game. Oh, no honey! Better not come at her with excuses for why this or why that, she will tell you to "take responsibility..." At first I was like, who "dis chick be!" haha but then the more I went to church (which the church I attend is off the CHAIN! Its great!) and the more I went to bible study the more I realized who God had sent her in my life to be.

I don't generally "connect" with a lot of people. But she and I instantly just got along, as if we had always been long term friends. The thing is that when I am around her our roles switch. Most of the time she is the outspoken one and i'm the quiet and reserved one. She is so full of life there is no way that you can't love her and the other thing is that she is very forgiving.

When I first got to Virginia I was all up in my flesh! OH NO! And she and I disagreed quite about bit, but that was because I was hurt. My relationship was falling apart, I could find a job fast enough, I was running out of money...yeah, it was a mess. But through it all she stuck by me. She kept telling me about GOD, reminding me about his love and at the time all I wanted to do was just go hide in a cave and die (honestly, no exaggeration). But she encouraged me to keep fighting. God didn't give up on me, so I shouldn't give up on God. Type of thing.

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