Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Revelation about Beauty: Beauty From Pain

Some women get to be Mary Poppins, Others get to be GI Jane. 
Sometimes you get to pick. Other times life picks for you. 

In this world if you are not both rich and beautiful, you have to work to have your name be known. Those who have money can accomplish that much faster and easier. "Money makes the world go round, right?" But if you have just beauty, you have to work twice has hard to establish yourself as someone who is credible. The majority of the world is not blessed with the gift of "beauty" so they end up treating you worse than a slave.

They have been conditioned to believe that just because others see you as "beautiful" it means that you have everything handed to you. But, I'm living proof of that not being true. It was never true for me. Even despite wanting it to be at times. If anything having the gift of "beauty" caused me more pain, than it did joy. Yet, with it and through the pain I was able to find joy and a peace that surpasses all understanding. God takes pain and turns it into beauty for his glory. Glory be to God. 

There are not many people who can understand this dynamic. It isn't because they are not capable, but because they have no want nor desire to rise to a higher level of thinking. To stretch their mind to see the bigger picture. They are happy to stay in their little "cubicle" or fairy tale living. To stay tied to their baby blanket. To stay wrapped around their Fathers' leg. 

It is a sad world for those who have never been through any major suffering in life, because when (and it will happen at some point) their world comes crashing down, they may be the ones to lose their minds if they are not holding on to the Solid Rock: God. 

I am thankful that God blessed me with a family to prepare me for what was to come in my life. That's why I believe he sent them into my life to teach me how to stand firm and confident in God, even when things are going horribly wrong all around me. 

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