Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Beauty From Pain: Big Blue Exotic Creature (Justice)

Being in Woodbridge Virginia, is a lot to reflect on because the entire experience was a "first time" one. I met some very talented young men and women who are on their way to becoming pastors, preachers, evangelists, teachers of the word etc It was almost like I was in that movie Avatar with those big blue exotic alien looking creatures.

Except I was that big blue exotic alien looking creature. I had to adapt to their world. Their sayings, one which is very popular called: "the most" (when you are in your flesh and you are going HAM lol). I fell in love with their church, their bible study and a few of the people as well. I wanted to do more but I knew that my time there was ending. I wanted to explore more and more than that I wanted to hug the one person who brought me there and thank them for what they did do, when they could do it. DO NOT GET ME WRONG. I am still UPSET. I still want justice to be done.

But, more than I want justice to be done I want them to get desperate for God. To hunger and thirst for the word of GOD and to learn to rely on God wholeheartedly, for everything and anything. This is not the time for jokes and games. Suffering is real. Life is not a big joke. People are dying left and right and He and all those young men and women have the power to save LIVES! They are all world changers. But they have to CHOOSE to accept their CALLING in life as such.

It is time to get our lives in order. God has great work for many of us to do, but we have to learn to be obedient. Angels don't marry. Angels don't have children. They comfort, guide, protect. They do the Will of God then they move on. And I guess for that 6 months, that is what I was. A big tall exotic Angel creature. That loved as much as I could and felt joy from affliction more than I did happiness. 

I take my walk with God very seriously. I also know that, the things that unfold happen for a reason. 

No one knew who I was, when I was in Woodbridge Virginia so I had to write. People, don't understand that I don't just go out looking for trouble and also when I love I love deeply. I give all that I have, because I want to make sure that the person that I"m with is happy and safe. But now I know that there is so much more than that. 

He did do my dirty, everyone knows that. I am still upset, but I know that God will fix it. Either a series of unexpected will happen in his life to wake him up or God will just pull him closer to righteous and holy living. 

I don't make it my mission to write about the men that I date, but when they act up and treat me bad, well I have to tell it. People don't seem to remember the nice blog that I wrote about him. That blog is still prevalent, because that was at a time when we were on one accord. The time when we attended church together and did things together as a team. 

"GET OVER IT! JALYSA" Judas (the one who betrayed Jesus with a kiss) might be saying. But, no, its not something you get over in a day. Here is how I know... because when you were crying and needed someone to listen to you talk about old dude! It was ME that listened when he didn't want to be apart of your life. She needs to remember that the next time she wants to say something out of the way. Just like I remember when she (even though she let the devil use her to attack me...) she let me stay at her house when my boyfriend at the time was acting crazy. 

I don't forget moments when I was at my weakest because I want to make sure that I never get into situations like that again. The devil almost took me out, but God made it right by moving me away from weak spirited individuals who the devil could use to attack me. 

I love them both very much, but the level that I'm on is that of a like an 80 year old woman. I have the spirit and experience of an 60 year old woman but the body of a 20 year old. 

I saw most of the members of that community as children. I believe that God allowed me to meet them because I was not only suppose to protect them, but learn something while I was there. 

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