Friday, June 13, 2014

Love Doesn't Pay the Bills

Dating is suppose to be fun, but most times for me it ends up being another headache that I don't have enough pills to take to get through. Men nowadays are so arrogant, spoiled, and entitled. They pretend to do the whole "chivalry" route for a whole of 5 minutes then they turn into a complete asshole. 

If you play hard to get then they lose interest and flirt with other girls while you go to the restroom. If you give in too easy then they lose interest in that too. 

Its all about the chase. Fuck the chase. Give it to me straight. What do you want from me? 

When I bluntly ask men that question they get caught off guard because I already know what they want before they think it. Its not like you went on a date with me because you were fascinated by my brains. And its not like you want to see me again because you actually were interested in talking about the theories of human evolution. 

I like it when men try to combat my intelligence. "Oh, I got a point because I stimulated her mind for a second!" No, I gave you that point because I was ten seconds from shutting your entire manhood down. But, its fun when I get to play with my food, every now and then. 

I would rather be a badass than some cookie cutter housewife. Some girls are playing that role and they don't even have the ring nor the house yet. I refuse to be naive. Men use love and everything that comes with it as a way to trap us women into doing things that we wouldn't normally do. 

I will never let myself get conned into believing that love was something meant for everyone, because it damn sure was never meant for me. 
People say, "you're bitter" "you're jealous" I'm this. I'm that. No. I'm just realistic and instead of having my head up some dudes ass I choose to stand on my own, without a man to weigh me down. 
I don't need a man to make me feel sexy, powerful or to know that I have a beastly intelligence that will rip the head off of my enemies. Welcome to the real world baby, where men don't give a damn about whether you love them or not. As long as you please them and cater to their ego then of course they will say whatever they think you want to hear. 

I'll never let a man steal my power nor get close enough to me to even think about breathing in my perfection. 
*Kiss Kiss* 

Love doesn't get you on the bus and it damn sure doesn't pay bills. 

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