Monday, June 9, 2014

The Problem You Run From

The Lord opens your eyes to "see" facets of humanity that we don't want to believe. 

So, I asked God to make me apart of the problem so that I wouldn't have the responsibility of knowing the weight of the truth. Yet, even in begin part of the problem I can still see the truth. The sickness. The pain. The suffering. The more I "see" the more sorrow I know. Not only for my own life, but for the lives of those who walk aimlessly around like "zombies" desperately trying to find their next thrill to escape their reality of an unsatisfied life. 

We are unsatisfied because we do not choose to let God satisfy us. We think that we are mini gods, but as a god that means you can satisfy yourself, so why are people so desperate to be entertained? They want to escape. Many to run from the call of God. But no matter where we run God, the Almighty can and will meet us wherever we are at. 
To God be the glory. All praise and honor belong to God. 

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