Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chapter 3: Call To Greatness (Rise of the Queen) (Part 1)

Chapter 3: 

She had to step down from her position as the Queen because she knew that she was not setting the most "conventional" example of what a woman of God is suppose to represent. 

God is love. God is patient. God is kind. God is meek. God is strong. And in her humble tragic fall from grace aka: "Virginia, the trip from hell" she lost sight of that. 

It was already bad enough that she was called to wear a "jacket" two sizes too big. To walk in a greatness that she 1. didn't even know existed for her life, but 2. to also have to be consistent in walking in that jacket. She didn't want the responsibility. "Why me?" Why do I have to care about how other people feel? Their fears, hopes and dreams?" "Why do I love them, when they do not love me?"

Darkness is like a splitting headache that laughs at you, when you start to scream in agony due to the pressure on the brain. And just when you are about to say "PHUCK it all!" because when you are an example and leader reflecting the love of God you aren't suppose to say bad words and such (yeah, yeah, blah blah... I'm sure there are worse things to complain about but... that's how people see it...) God steps in and shows you why, your life has value and meaning. 

He did that by sending her people to pray with and over. It started in Virginia when random people called her phone and asked her for prayer. "Who me?" She would ask yourself. "Why ask me for prayer?" To the world she is a no one. The only people that care about what she has to say and or offer are those that 1. respect her as their Queen and 2. Those who see her highest potential. 

But in praying for others and offering advice to those who sought it, their need for the gift that she was given from God ignited an uncontrollable, unstoppable, explosive, dynamic energy of power! Passion and Praise. For the one, true King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The Alpha and Omega. The Beginning and The End. 


People see that God is love. But what they forget is that just as he has people that represent his love and peace. He also has servants, workers, warriors, guards etc that administer in his wrath and righteous anger. He has given some of his best warriors the permission to be regulators of his law and to administer warning signs of punishment. 
 Some of his warriors switch their job depending on the need. But whatever God uses a person for. The outcome is always for the glory of God. Always. 

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