Thursday, June 5, 2014

Instrument of War: (Wrath and Righteous Anger)

It is only by the use of the Word of God and
Through Christ Jesus that any human can have any real power that can rise against evil forces. 

These are recordings of a day in the life of a Queen through Christ. 
Her every day struggles of what a realistic walk with Christ can be like. No one is perfect. We all fall short of the glory of God. Yet, some criticize, stand back and wait for you to fall and die. While others stand and gaze on with a tinge of admiration that quickly turns into jealousy. 
But, not to be discouraged. 

There are a handful of people that will stand behind you through every phase of your "transitions." To catch you when you fall. Encourage you! Cheer you on! Fight! Fight! Don't give up! You can do it! We love you! And that is the momentum you need to continue in this "line of work" in preparation for the Kingdom of God, because without it, you will lose your sanity. 

How do I know because I lost mine and I "died" because of it...
In her beginning phase as the Queen, things were blissfully unstable. She was not sure if she was called to favor in such a title. She thought she was suppose to be liked, adored and admired. But sometimes as a leader it isn't always about being "butt buddies." It isn't always about gaining the most popularity votes but it is about obedience to what God has asked you to do, whether you are liked, adored or admired for it or not. 

A lot of people think that the sun automatically represents "good" and is the only symbol for light. But did not God also make the moon and the stars to shine at night? Some of us are made to be lights like the Sun, while others of us are made to be lights like the Moon. Silent, yet powerful. Not given much thought to, until we transform (solar eclipse) through Christ Jesus, with great power. 

In the Queens' confessions she admits that her childlike heart died in Virginia. That she left a piece of her innocence tacked to the walls of happiness, embed in mediocrity long before she saw it coming. Her weakness? She fell in love with potential. Trusted his potential. Sought guidance from his potential as a strong man of Faith.   

He was suppose to keep her safe, as she grew in grace and got stronger in her walk with Christ. He was happy to do so, until he started "going through the fire" and realized that he wasn't strong enough in his faith to not only endure but also to do what he was created to do as a man: Provide and Protect. 

In his realization and insecurity, he decided to make himself feel better by taking advantage of her vulnerable state. She was in a new town, did not know anyone but him and his family, had to depend on the kindness of strangers and was far away from her family and friends.
It was not long before the vultures, demons, wolves, lecherous beasts and spirits could smell his insecurity and her fear. They manipulated his spirit and attacked her by using him without warning. Slashing into her spirit. Curdling blood screams plunging into her heart. Her spirit set on fire by betrayal and cruelty. And the whole time she was dying, he laughed, like a puppet straight from hell! Low laughs! High pitch, itching ear laughs! Death is so funny, right? 

He stood by and watched as the enemy slowly devoured pieces of her soul. When her writhing and struggle was no longer entertaining. He stepped over her lifeless body and spit on her dead carcass.  Her eyes dilated. The vortex of mental suicide dramatically overwhelmed and violated her spirit. 

Breathing. Dying. Breathing. Dying. Empty...... R-E-D. 

But God stepped in and turned "R-E-D" into a explosive passion for just him(GOD) to protect her from being used by the enemy to cause physical destruction. Like a volcano eruption. Like a hurricane. Like an earthquake. Like a Tsunami. RED! RED! RED! 

So, out of the shadows of fresh blood and old scars. Broken hearted, bruised from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. Spit, stepped on, mocked, beaten, tormented and rejected she now thrives. After staring in the face of cruelty she fears no demon. No death. And No rejection. 

In her beautiful pain, she has now become rejection; absorbing the blackness, bitterness, unforgiveness, unlove, tears, mistrust and scars and transforming them into a weapon of catastrophic proportions. To never forget the experience. The crying and pleading to GOD, to raise her from the dead through Christ Jesus with his Might and the strength of TEN THOUSAND of his strongest warrior angels. 

She is an extended extension of a weapon of war to those who are against love and those that defend injustice.  
She will defend love, but she can not become love. 
It is not in the contract. It may never again be. 
Beauty From Pain. 

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