Friday, May 30, 2014

I'm So Glad To be the Third Wheel and Fifth Wheel

Life has a sense or humor. When I was stuck in Virginia I found myself surrounded by families, young married couples and children. I'm single and I don't have children, so why would I want to spend my time around families, young married couples and children all day? 

Please don't get me wrong I love children. When I'm around kids I change into a completely different person. I'm more sweet. I'm more gentle. I'm way more patient. But, I still have to remember that I'm single and I don't have children. So at the end of the day. It is still just me, myself and I. 

I feel like people don't have any respect for me being a single woman with no children. I feel like its a new "trend" to have children out of wedlock. 

I mean all my girl-friends are either engaged (with children). 

Married (with children)

Have a serious boyfriend (with children)

Each time I turn around another one of my girl-friends is getting married or pregnant. Well, there goes girls night. I'm not trying to be mean by any means I'm happy for them that they finally what makes them happy. 

But, I don't want to hear about what lil bobby did in first grade. Its cute. The first three times you told me about how your son or daughter said a new word or whatever, but damn I don't want to talk about your children every single time we talk. 

The other thing is that, I feel like people don't have any respect for me as a single person. It is like, if you are married or working toward marriage and or having children then they don't want to hear about your life or the things that you have to do or want to do in life do no longer become important. 

See, when we were all single we would all go out, have a good time and just enjoy life. People use to tell me stop LOOKING FOR A MAN. When they were the ones steady chasing after a man. "You shouldn't look." "You should let him find you..." and all that crap. But, hmmm... if I recall you are looked and now you are married and have a beautiful child. So bitch please. 

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