Saturday, November 29, 2014

Do You Really Want To Be In A Relationship? (part 1)

So, far in my experiences I'm learning that the majority of people don't like to "address the issues" and or "talk about it." I use to be a person that just swept reality under the rug and expected it to just disappear or get better on its' own.

But, oh! how naive!

I don't think most people really know what it takes to be in a mature adult relationship. They say they want to be in one, but what does that really mean?

Do you just want someone to hold at night? 
Do you just like the thought of having someone that depends and needs you?
It could be a number of things...
I would think that the purpose of being in a "relationship" (boyfriend and girlfriend style) aka: exclusive dating would eventually work itself into marriage. 

But the word marriage seems to be an immediate taboo word for the men of this generation. It seems like if you even bring it up, you start to see sweat beads form through his veins of frustration and anxiety. 

MARRIAGE! oh my goodness! Why ever would she think of such a thing! 

Marriage! Oh my goodness! They still do that nowadays? 

Nowadays men will just keep a long term girlfriend. He gets the goodies on a daily basis and she gets to date him with the secret hope that if she doesn't mention marriage to him that he will just automatically wake up one day and want to marry her!

BUT OH! how sad and disappointed she may find herself. If five years down the road she is still the long term girlfriend and nothing more. 

But, that is only one scenario...

If a man really wants to marry you, nothing will stop him. 
He won't make any excuses. 
He won't change the subject.
He won't roll his eyes.
Or try to play reverse psychology...

"Well if you didn't love me so much, then maybe I would marry you..."

OH! they can get so much better, trust...
Blessed that I am, I don't have to worry about childish games like that. Thank GOD! 

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