Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Waiting Room: Please GOD pick me to dance next!!!

I believe that waiting for confirmation on which direction to take to get to Greatness is one of the most difficult challenges. Why? because sometimes in the frustration of life, we stop and we compare our lives to those around us. She has a new car. He has a new house. They have a new job. Etc. 

And here we are still waiting...

There are things in life worse than having to wait, but the anticipation can try our patience greatly.

Me: I'm ready to travel, sing, write, mode all over the world. I'm ready to be in magazines, in movies and on TV. I'm ready to be seen and heard. I'm ready to have my gifts appreciated. I'm ready to make a contribution to the world; leave a legacy of greatness that can benefit others long after I'm dead ashy bones in my grave. 

Yet, despite how I have been treated in the past, people and the spirit of hope that still live in many of the people I meet daily still matters to me. 

But, the problem with being too anxious is that we get blinded by the idea of glory instead of focusing on what kind of impact we are making in the lives of others. Every time you meet someone, wave or say hello you have made an impact in their life. 

If you greet a person with open, warm, accepting loving arms they are more likely to respond in the same way. If you greet them with animosity, jealousy and hate they are more likely to turn away and you would have missed your opportunity to make a positive impact in someone else's life. 

That is the problem with this world right now, we want fame and fortune and we don't care how we get it. The majority of people will do anything just to be famous even if it means that they have to drag the people they love in the mud. But, the catch is that once you are in the public eye, you now have the challenge of figuring out how to keep your audiences' attention.

We see it all the time, where a celebrity reaches their peak of fame, riches and glory and then they hit rock bottom due to a potent addiction they can't seem to shake. 

Then we have a world where people sell their pain to make money. I tell you, for all the drama and stress I have been through in the last couple of years I would be a zillionaire if I chose to sell my pain the way people do nowadays. 

But, even that method of start to fame is fading because everyone has a hard time "my struggle" story in this day in age. We have all struggled with something, but now what are we going to do about it? 

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