Friday, June 14, 2013

Thanking God for his protection (extended commentary)

Thanking God for his protection:

 I wanted to start the car yesterday early in the evening just before that temporary rain storm came. The car would not start. I sat in that car for about an hour. It was extremely hot and the sun beat down through the window right on the key and the ignition causing it to burn my fingers every time I tried to start it.

After a few more minutes I...
got upset, then stomped my way back to the apartment. Then the second I was safely inside It started to rain. The wind howled, tree branches tossed around.
I heard the ambulance sirens blaring frantically! It was then that my grandmother came out of her room and said "Guess you don't have to move your car right now, its raining..."

After the storm passed, I went back outside to move the car that I'm driving and it instantly started up.

I think that car has a mind of its own, or its somehow connected to my spirituality.

I don't know what God has planned for me, but I do know that my life is very quiet and in the past when my life was quiet it meant that something big was on the way.

I feel like God is trying to prepare me for something. I wish I knew what it was....



Lesson: God does not want us to move before his time, anything outside the WILL of GOD can lead to all sorts of trouble or move out of the way so you can avoid being in the wrath of God.

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