Monday, June 24, 2013

Transformation: Queen into a Priestess

In order for me to be a priestess I would have to give up a lot of "me" and be all about God.

I would have to be all about Gods people only.

So anything that I wanted would have to cease to exist even in jest. I tried be normal, like regular (average chicks) but it just won't work. I tried to live inside of the box and ignore mediocrity and truth like so many other people do. But then it started to eat away at my soul. Once your eyes are open to truth you can never go back to pretending that what is, is not any longer. When I was "blind", I could not see. Now that I can see, sometimes I don't want to because it hurts me greatly. It makes me weep for humanity. The strange thing is that the anointing much be in the right spirit too or I could get consumed by pride and turned against the love in my heart. It is a dueling contingency, but one that can not be avoided.

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