Saturday, August 31, 2013

Rebuild me in your Humility, Father God: Youth Explosion! (Souls4Real)

I did not think that I was strong enough to start over on my own. Oh, but God is too awesome! I felt alone. I felt scared. I felt tired, but God wants me here. My task is not complete yet. There are still lessons that he needs me to learn. I am being rebuilt in humility. 

 I did not come expecting to be apart of one of the most powerful choirs I have ever experienced on my time on this earth. Nor did I expect to receive as much love as I have and am still receiving. 

I had to learn to be obedient to the will of God. I had to learn to submit my entire heart, mind, soul and body to God so that he could clean me up and use for his glory

Last night I went to a youth Christian conference. The anointing was so high. I walked into the church feeling heavy and tired and I left feeling free, peaceful, filled with love and the word of God. 

I had never been apart of a church choir where every member was on fire for Gods love! The other thing is that, there are young adults like myself who are passionate about following Christ, the way I am too!

The experience was one of healing and restoration and most of all peace. God wants me to walk in his love and in his peace. He needs me to learn how to do this quickly, because he is preparing me for something greater than myself. I can feel it. There is a shift in the atmosphere. 

I was so focused on what everyone else needed that I forgot to "take care" of myself. Not just the physical necesseities but more importantly with the spiritual. 

God opened the door for me to be here for a reason and right now I don't know exactly why, but I have to trust in God wholeheartedly. I can not waver in my faith.

Last night was the most fun since I have been here. I sang to my Father. I gave him all the glory and praise! I cried. I gave hugs. I sang my heart out. I danced! Then after it was all over. I ate pizza and chips with other followers of Christ. 

I want so much to share this fire with those that I love, but I know that I can not make someone else love and be passionate about the love of God in me, the way I am. They have to want to get closer to Gods love too, all on their own, not only so they can recognize it in others but also so they can be a blessing to many lives

I found what makes me happy. When I get to sing, and give all praise to God that's when I am most happy. When I get to talk about how awesome God is, that's when I smile the most. When I get to share the love of God in me with his children that's when joy overflows in my spirit. 

I'm happy with the church I attend, with the job at the school, with all the awesome and wonderful powerful followers of Christ I'm meeting. But most of all with all the love I'm receiving. Yes, it is true that I'm a handful at times. But God still sends people to love me through all of that. 

No, I'm not perfect. I make mistakes. I have my moments when my ego takes over. But, Oh! How awesome and mighty the love of God is.

I seal myself in the peace of God in the name of Jesus Christ. 
I walk in Gods peace in the name of Jesus Christ. 
I am consumed in Gods peace in the name of Jesus Christ. 
I am Love and Love is me, because Gods love lives in me. 


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