Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bible Study Reflection: (The Woman In the Mirrror) "Honesty isn't always Pretty"

Bible Study Reflection: Honesty is always pretty

I wanted so much for God to use me to teach his people how to love, that I became self righteous when he took me to the next level.

Bible study Monday night was intense. Thank God for bible study. For a chance to get it right before the day of judgement.

 God had to cut me down. I finally got a "taste of my own medicine." I talk about how I want people to be honest with me, yet, GOD sent people who can be honest with me in a way that I have not learned yet. With the Love of Christ. I asked GOD for truth and he showed me a mirror:selfishness, pride, anger, bitterness. It broke my heart realize how far from Gods love  actually was. How can God use me to  teach others how to walk in his love if I have an  unteachable spirit? I have to walk the walk and talk the talk. I thought I was fully on fire for GOD, but just because I have both feet planted in GOD does not mean that the rest of me is. 

God wants to take us to the next level but we all have to be on one accord. Once we put on the "new man" we can't go back to the "old man" ways. Self reflection is important. But the word of God is solid. Never changing. The word of GOD helps you grow closer to God not our self reflections. When you ask God for truth, and clarity be prepared for the answer because it will almost always have something to do with you and your character. Speak life into people. Unforgiveness can hold you back from getting closer to Gods' Love. What we know, we only know in part. God has to give us the rest of the pieces to the puzzle. 

We each have our own walk with Christ, custom fitted for each of us. We are to encourage, but to not JUDGE. I wanted to help so bad, that I forgot to let God have full control. I thought because God was strengthen me that I could use my strength to help someone else. I ended up being in the way. And God had to move me. Unconditional love is constant, unchanging, but our character and actions speak more volumes than any letters or words. If I say I love you, but don't show it in my actions, then I need God to step in and renew in me a clean heart and the right spirit.

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