Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Women's bible Study (10/7/2013): Notes and Reflections

First: All honor and glory go to GOD for using the Teel's to be a blessing to many lives, not just my own. I'm very thankful that GOD led Mr. and Mrs. Teel to start back bible studies.

The first women's bible study was more about addressing issues and learning about strongholds and how to get rid of them. It was more of a "girl chat" verses an actually bible study.

The one we had on Monday October 7th 2013 was more focused on God. We learned more about God. We learned more about his word. It was amazing. The presence of God was certainly there! It wasn't just a cry fest where we all come together and talk about our problems. No that's not what women's bible study should ever be about. But it was that we all were coming together, and encouraging one another in our individual walks with Christ.

Our relationship with Christ is the most important relationship that we can ever have.

SO here are the notes that I wrote down. I pray that they bless someone's life:

We talked about how Lucifer was Gods most beautiful angel before his fall. When Lucifer started to boast in his own glory and not give God the glory for making him beautiful, God kicked him out of Heaven... (summary not word for word).

Eek: 28:16

Affectation: Pretending. Behavior that is assumed rather than natural.

1. God never used talent to evangelize

2. God never promotes a person based on their talent

3. God never chose a person who was looking to be chosen.

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