Tuesday, October 8, 2013

When God Sends You Love: Pictures, Reflections, Joyous memories

 I can not change who God is molding me to be. I rejected it and ran from his call more than I care to admit and now that I am finally ready to walk in Gods' truth, peace and unconditional love. I now must seek him wholeheartedly. I am not better than anyone else, just because I wear pearls on my head or dress up like I'm going to a military ball. Nope. I'm still the same Jalysa. That likes fried rice and watches dragonball Z. The only changes are the ones that God is making in me. He is cleaning me up for his glory and it is long overdue. Thank you Abba, Father for accepting me back into your grace.

My time in Virginia has been nothing short of interesting. Whenever I feel down, God always sends a reminder that he loves me. My passion for the love of God comes from several different places but it mainly comes from, the fact that many times I was suppose to die, but God saved my life. If the enemy did not have my mind, then he tried to give me a heart attack. If he could not get my heart. Then he tried to fill my spirit with demons, to control my body. So, Glory be to GOD for protecting my life and shielding me under his mighty right hand. 

 Since I have been here God has sent people to love me. The following is only a few of the people. That I thank God for each day and that I have grown to love and care about very much. I hope to meet more loving and kind people and to continue the love and friendship with those that I already have met. I thank God every single day for using others to be a blessing to my life. I don't deserve to know Gods' love. I'm poor. I'm needy. I make mistakes. I act up. But even through all of that God still reminds me that his love is greater than any of the changes or situations that I go through. I am grateful. I am thankful. 

God is cleaning me up to be the queen that he called me to be awhile ago. I rejected this call so many times before, because I didn't "feel like" having any responsibility. But, the time for games is long over. And I'm in the right place to practice the lessons that I am learning here and the ones that God sent my spiritual family in NC to teach to me. I am far away from my comfort zone. I am far away from my "home" but God sent people to make feel welcomed, appreciated and loved.

How can I teach Gods' people how to love, if I do not know how to love? To comfort, protect, guide, heal and love (unconditionally) (agape) is what I was created to do. But more than that, I have to stay focused on that. So God has sent his earthly angels to guide me in that process and like I said, I thank God for creating them and I thank God for setting them in my path.

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