Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gotta Have Muscles To Be "Superman"

When I am "sweet" "kind" and "loving" men abuse my heart.

When I am the "diva" "arrogant" and "indifferent" to the existence of men, they chase me, they fiend for my touch.

How interesting... the very thing they say they want, they can not handle and the very thing that is no good for them they want so much of.

I'm done with dating. I'm starting this new blog entry to remind myself of that. I'm so tired of going through the oops, "almost wifey" material phase, but then because instead of lying and boosting his ego, I give him truth... now all of asudden they don't want to be in my life anymore?

I only find men fascinating when I get to study them, that's why I became "the feminist" in the first place. To study men, only. Never to date them. For, like I said when I'm nice to men they treat me like crap, but when I'm mean to them they treat me nice.

Winning my affection is a part of the game, then once they have me wrapped around their finger they can possess and control and manipulate the "beauty" that is God-given. Men like having me on their arm because I boost their ego. When I play the damsel in distress role it makes them feel "MANLY"

OOOOH! "Look at me! I'm a big strong man!" I don't need you to save me wegro. I need for you to be focused, realistic so we can get some things done in life.

That's the problem with men today, they are always trying to play the superman role. Baby, you are strong enough to be superman.
How are you going to be any womans' superman but then you don't win an arguement and you throw a tantrum at almost 30 or 40 years old? How are you going to be superman and you are still being breastfed by your "mommy?" Dude! Get real!

The more I interact with men, the less I want to get married and the less I want to even date. Every time I meet a guy he always has that opened minded demeanor, charm and caring side about him (that's how they trap you). They are the first ones to be like "I love you" and the first ones to bounce when its time to STICK TO the "I love you."

A lot of women say, "oh, you are just hurt! and bitter and you need Jesus!" Damn straight I'm hurt! I don't want to be bothered with NO MAN! Not even the really sexy ones. They are nice to look at, but I guarantee that the majority of them have some messed up emotionally abusive relationship story to tell me about that I really don't want to hear. That's another thing, I'm tired of meeting men with emotional abuse stories. How are you going to talk to your potential new gf about old memories of your ex wife, ex babys mama? I don't have any baggage like that. No ex husband. No children drama. But apparently these dudes around here have a whole lot of it.

I don't date men with children, because I don't want the ex wife babys mama drama. Okay, so what if the ex wife isn't even in the picture? I still don't want to date any man with a child or children because I want my husband and I to have our first child experience together and at the same time. If a man already has a child or children then the moment that he and I share our first memory of our child together won't be as special because he would have already experienced that with his first wife, babys mama whatever.

So, no thank you. No, men with children, whether they are in your life or not. Too much hassel.

Also, I normally don't date men who have been previously married either, because like I said its DRAMA. No, matter how you look at it, it is drama. The unfortunately I had to be more realistic about that one, because "how did they know they were going to meet me later in life?" So, I give some leeway on that one, but only if things are cut and final. She has moved on to another man and no longer wants anything to do with him and he has moved on and his happy with me and wants absolutely nothing to do with her.

But, it is what it is. Since I have been in woodbrige Virginia those seem to be the only type of men available, emotional screwed up and dead beat dads. Wow, thanks God. Great pickings. Oh, please just put more fish like that in my pond...

So over it!


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