Sunday, December 1, 2013

Riding with the Craigslislt Truck Driver

People have to understand that when you go through a break up, for some it takes less than a day to "get over it" and for others it takes longer. I really love him and although, I didn't always say the right things or respond in the best way. I NEVER left his side when things were falling a part in his life.

So, for him to do me "dirty" like this and for no one to say anything makes me question what kind of Christian folk I'm dealing with? "Put it in Gods hands", says the choir....yeah but God gave us brains to do the RIGHT THING. I had common sense enough to do the right thing: repent to God, then apologize not only in a text but also to his face. Yes, I asked God for the courage to make it right on my end.

IF your boyfriend or husband or any man that you trusted promised they would stay by your side through your transition and then because you weren't finding paid work fast enough, and because you weren't saying the right things and acting in a way that pleased his ego... and he drop kicked you to the curb in the middle of a new town where you don't know anyone, far away from your family, you would be pissed too. The least he can do is take me home since he brought me here. wow...

Anyway, I did post an ad on craigslist so that I could get out of Woodbridge, VA. I'm tired of being in the same town of as him, going to same church and bible study and him not evening saying hi. How rude? He brought me here, then he just abandons me in the middle of my transition. Wow. Thanks a lot. And a lot of the young folks around here have always had mommy and daddy to rely on, so when they try to give me advice it makes me roll my eyes. PLEASE! Don't try to give me advice on a situation that you don't understand.

I wanted to get in that truck with that truckdriver that I met off cragislist. He said that I didn't have to pay and he also said that he would help me a bus ticket to get closer to my destination. But then my grandmother called me and said that she tried to pray and that she had a "bad feeling." That her "visions" were not right. This of course happened right after I spoke to God and asked him to send me confirmation on what he wanted me to do.

I want to go home, but the guy who brought me here won't take me home. I want to be with my family, but I can't get to them. I'm only 3 hours away and I can't even get to my family. I already spent thanksgiving here, which was nice but inside I was crying the whole time. I wanted to spend the holidays with my family. Everyone else got a chance too, so why can't I?

I will never trust another man again. Every time a man comes into my life he always messes things up. Makes promises and then breaks them. If he was in the situation he would want justice to be done too. He wouldn't want someone to make promises to them and then break them at the last minute, during the most critical time when you need them the most! Are you kidding? Then walk around like nothing ever happen. Dude GET REAL!

There isn't anything left to do except to wait for either one of two things to happen for God to: 1. send me a car or 2. for God to send someone to come and pick me up and take me home.


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