Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Maturity: Love That Heals

I Forgive myself for allowing you to make me upset. 
I forgive myself from any and all poor choices made.
I forgive myself for being too giving to a person(s) who didn't care about my life.
I forgive myself for wasting my time.

There is a place where healing begins.
I never thought that Healing was very important.
I also never thought that it would be presented to me in an unconventional way.

Some people pay someone else to listen to their "problems, issues, troubles..."
Some people write, sing, dance: Create.
Then you have some people who just keep their pain to themselves.

I realized that healing begins once you forgive yourself from the poor choices you made and start laughing again. 
Sometimes humans can be insensitive. If it isn't happening in their lives, then they don't want any part of what is going on. But sometimes you have people who only "help you" so they can be nosy and make the situation worse. See, what you deem as traumatic, someone else may scoff at as "no big deal." That's why I remind myself to #RESPECTTHEJOURNEY no matter who I am talking to, nor where they have been. It is not my place to judge their story. Only to listen, if they choose to share what is on their mind and heart. 

Have you ever met anyone who could love the not so pleasant parts of you?
Who spoke to you patiently, kindly and in love no matter how you acted? 

It is not something that you can talk about "doing." It just has to be done. 

When you meet with another human life who can love you during your worst moments, your entire world changes. It is a very beautiful experience, one certainly worth fighting to keep. It is so nice to meet someone who half way understands YOU, as a person. 

It is nice to meet someone who can honestly look me in the eyes and say that they truly understand how I feel. It is nice to feel free to change, grow, transform as many times in one day, week or month that fits my personality and to have them wait patiently. Yet, the joy that I feel when I am with them is all unexpected. 

Its a beautiful thing. Not an easy thing to give back or even to accept, when the majority of what you were use to was disrespect. But, now that you know LOVE, you can never go back to anything that you were putting up with before. 

I always wanted to know how to walk in love. And for the first time in my life, I'm doing it. 

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