Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DC Trip (Day 4): Good Food & Third Wheel Conversations

The thing about living with someone who has the car, is that you have to operate on their time. I will say that I miss having that freedom to come and go as I please in my own vehicle.

But it is not a big deal...

Monday June 24 2013:

I really enjoy being here because I feel very peaceful.
I get to be all parts of myself. I'm not expected to do anything in particular. If I wanted to I could just sit around all day. But I'm not here for that.

I want to work. I know there is work to be found here and I will find it, in the name of Jesus Christ.

The lady I stay with is such an inspiration. She has her own personal walk with Christ, that is made just for her. She keeps God first no matter what. She is successful, beautiful and intelligent. She pays her own bills and does her own thing. She could have a man help her out, but she does not need him.

She depends on God for everything and that's how I want to be too...
I'm still not sure what lesson I'm suppose to be learning here though, maybe God just needs me here so that I can gain more patience.

I have been going through this awkward push and pull with my spirit. One part of me wants to give in to the "fun" and be wild and free. The other side knows that in being that way it could bring a lot of trouble and also cause a lot of people to turn away from Gods love.

We already have enough hate and greed and selfish people out in the world, If I give in to the "fun" I will change into one of them...

By the water:
In the evening, after she got of work, we ended up going back to national harbor and eating outside by the water. At this place called:
Since, I have been here all I have been doing is eating. I never get a chance to eat out when I'm home. So it is nice to be able to go out and indulge once in awhile. But the thing is... that she and her friends live like that because they can afford to. It must be nice to have money to live comfortable and not have to worry so much about basic necessities.
There were three of us, so of course I'm always that odd ball person. The "third wheel." I tried to get in with the conversation but I just wasn't interested in much of what they were saying. My mind was elsewhere.
I really want to get a job, drink, go dancing and meet hot guys (lol). I know that sounds shallow and petty, but it is true. I'm young! I should be living it up. Having fun! Enjoying my life. Who knows when it will end?

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