Saturday, January 25, 2014

Revelations. Reflections. Words of Wisdom. Advice (part 1)

I seem to have the most to say between 11pm and about 6am in the morning. I don't know why those are the times that I want to talk the most. I'm different in that way. When everyone else is sleeping, I'm wide awake watching the world spin without seeing anything actually move, so to speak. 

If I couldn't write or type, I would probably die. Why do I say that? Because I don't connect much with what society thinks is cool nowadays. I don't even connect with what much of the "Christian community" is doing either. I'm in a category of my own. To understand me, you would have to suffer greatly and most of the young adults here, seem to still be children to me. They have mommies and daddies who kiss their boo boos and put band-aids on their scraped knees. 

We are adults now. Time for many of them to suck it up and walk bold for Christ. Leave the "nest" of security and go into ministry.


King of Kings: Dress Like Royalty 

People think that just because you're a Christian, you have to wear rags and molding shoes just to show that you are humble. God is the King of Kings. If you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you are now a son or daughter of the most High King. Therefore you are royalty. So you need to dress like Royalty. Understand?

2. Ladies Its Time to Re-Evaluate: 

That very strength, bold confidence, trust and faith in God that some (not all, less I have men boys throw stones at me...) men try to beat down in us, will be what ends up saving their lives. "you're too aggressive" says him.

Response (with sweetness and batting of the eyes lol):

NO, you're just too weak to rise to this level of strength. When you get on my level then you can talk to me. Conversation over. #toughlikeleather #boldlikefire

3. Its Time To Get Serious About Life: 

I had to learn that whenever a man would leave my life, it had more to do with him than me. Not every man is strong enough to handle a woman of bold faith. I don't know if you ever seen a Queen spend time trying to build a joker up but for the last 5 or more years of life I tried to turn clowns into kings. But, if they don't know who they are through Christ they will always carry the clown mentality. And you know, I like to laugh. But knowing and believing Jesus died on the cross for all of my sins and theirs too, isn't very funny to me.

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