Thursday, September 10, 2015

"I'm Just Being Realistic: Sad Generation of "Men"

I had to take a very small break from focusing on the modeling and singing so that I could reflect on a pattern that I have noticed the decline of...

What happen to all the real men in the world?

The men who are confident in themselves?
The men who care about honor, chivalry, valor?
The men who go to work, and "bring home the bacon?"
The men who take care of themselves because they know that they are being looked up to by someone at some point in their lives?
The men who are confident in their masculinity and their sexuality enough that they don't have to say things like, "no homo..."

I have to be honest and say that  I am glad I am no longer on the "meat market."

My generation and this new generation of "men" is just sad and pathetic.

Half of them can barely spell, read, write, keep a job...

I'm not trying to be mean, but if you are 30 years old and you live with another grown ass man that is kind of pathetic and sad. I could understand if you were disabled or even if you had a rough time and needed some assistance for a short while, but dude you are 30 years old it has been over a year and you still aren't trying to better your life or move forward. You are still working at the same job complaining about the same problems that you had last year...

I mean when do you start taking responsibility for your own actions or lack therefore.
At some point you have to get tired of hearing yourself complain about the same issues over and over. Well, I would think you would...

But, not to this generation of so called: "men"

I have no respect for a man who does not have his own and is not trying to take care of his own and or better his life. I'm sorry. You have no one else to blame for your stagnation, mistakes, failures, missed opportunities except yourself boo boo.

It is time for a lot of the so called: "men" out to wake up and get a reality check.

You are not going to be a famous rapper at 30 or 32 years old. You have no plans for your future. No real tangible goals and on top of that you make mistakes on someone else's dime and then when they need you the most disappear on the people that you call friends. That's sad. Most of the so called "men" in my generation and the one after mine are lazy, unreliable, selfish, greedy, arrogant and spoiled and I refused to have any of those type of men in my life. EVER AGAIN.

I held my tongue for long enough. Now it is time for me to start giving out "reality checks..."
The best part is I have been to the absolute bottom several times in my short time on earth and well not much hurts my feelings anymore and if it does I drink it up and then I spit it out with more #FACTS and #LOGIC

Since men like to use those two weapons against women, well why don't women start using it against them and see how they like it? It doesn't feel so good to have logic thrown in your face does it? It doesn't feel so good when someone is inconsiderate and selfish when you need something done or want something... now does it?

The absolute best part is that I have figured out how to walk in the peace of GOD. So much so that I don't let anyone ruin my peace and if they try to I will CUT THEM OUT OF MY LIFE FOR GOOD...

I don't need drama in my life. Been there and done that and got the T-shirt, socks and shoes.

So, I'm done with the immaturity, insecurity and childish that so called "men" nowadays claim they don't act upon, yet when they don't get their way or something happens that is so overwhelming they are the first to throw a tantrum. My two year baby cousin has more common sense and acts more mature than most of the men out here... ha ha ha. And most of them claim they can't find any "good women" well you attract what you put out, so if you are an unworthy man why should you be with a worthy woman?

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