Wednesday, September 30, 2015

You Are The Life of The (((PARTY)))

I have not been able to write in this blog in awhile.

Here are some things that are going on in my life, that I hope that someone out in the "real world" can understand...

Everyone wants to laugh (hee hee haa haa) when things are going great. It is always a fun time when the party is in motion. But, what happens when the party is over and it is time to clean up? 

How many people stick around to help you clean up the stinky beer rings on your table, floor and chairs? 

How many people stick around to help you clean up the throw up from too much drinking, the blood from the fights and organize your home back to the way it was? 

I refuse to let people come into MY LIFE and trash it with their insecurities, their failures, broken promises and lies. 

"Oh, I don't lie..." Really? Anyone who says they don't lie. Is a liar. Everyone tells a lie a some point in their life. But you should 


1. I have a hard time hearing, even myself, make excuses for the poor choices that I have made. I hate it, when there is a clear solution to the problem but because you or they are too stubborn and hardheaded to listen to wise advice you or they end up going through a plethora of unfortunate circumstances and it was all because you and they did not listen the first time around...

Lesson: Listen and apply the wise advice the first time. 

2. I never want to hear a man complain about anything.

You are a man. If you job is so hard then get a new one.
If you don't like the car you drive then save your money and buy a new one. If you don't like the woman you are dating, then move on. If you don't like where you are living then YOU take time out to LOOK and research for NEW places for YOU to live. 

I'm tired of the men of this generation being lazy. Where are all the hardworking, confident etc men who are dedicated to being a better man for themselves so that when they find a "GOOD THING" they will be in the right frame of mind to keep their GOOD THING. 

3. I'm amused when other people complain about me...

All I did was breathe, get out of bed, take a shower...

If my existence makes you feel so uncomfortable or "feel some type of way" then maybe you should check yourself. I'm confident in who God created me to be (finally, thank you GOD!) so it is not me with the issue it is YOU... please go get some confidence it is: 


4. I'm tired of working only to find that it doesn't matter how much I work, it will never be enough money to cover the bills, take a real vacation. I feel like I'm breathing just to work and working just to die...

But, I refuse to feel that way for long. 

I will make my life better.
I will have a stable, peaceful, successful, loving life. 

5. I'm tired of apologizing for being me. If you don't love and care about me for all that I am. For who God created me to be. Then you don't need to be in my life... 

I spent too many years trying to help people understand me, as a human and out of all the people that I thought I could share my heart with only a handful turned out to be real friends... that actually care about my life. 

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