Saturday, November 7, 2015

Stop Apologizing For Being Beautiful

I have not written in awhile. I have been busy with interviews and auditions. I refuse to sit back and waste my life talking about my dreams instead of making my dreams come true.

I spent too much waiting for other people to give me permission to tap into my own strength and abilities. I believed that they knew better than myself about myself. I believed they were wise and maybe for that season they were wise but I once again out grew them...

I'm always out growing people. When others are on level one I'm already on level five, for example.

Maturity is difficult to walk in because sometimes it requires you to "think before you speak" and wisely react to unexpected situations, among other things all at the same time. But, it also requires that you walk in confidence too. Something that I never thought I could do.

For example, I'm aware that people think that I am beautiful. But, I use to apologize for being beautiful because I heard things like... "Oh, she thinks she is all that?" "Oh, she is stuck up!" "oh, she is a snob!" Why do you consider me a snob? You have yet to speak to me and you know nothing about me, yet you assume that because I like to dress up and look nice for myself that I'm a snob? Well... guess what that sounds like a personal problem.

I'm no longer going to apologize for being beautiful. 
I'm no longer going to stop dressing up, wearing makeup, singing bold and loud, wearing high heels and standing up for myself because other people are not confident in their own skin to hang out with me and or be around me. I'm no longer going to sit quietly in the corner watching other people live their lives to the fullest while I'm driving myself crazy trying to figure out how I can make other people like me or "feel comfortable" around me. If you don't feel comfortable that sounds like a personal problem. I am who I am. Big Personality and All. 
If my beauty intimidates you then you are the one with the insecurity and you should seek God so He can help you find peace with the beauty you were given.  The End. With Love. 

At this point in my life my modeling career is blossoming very nicely. November 14th 2015 I will be in a fashion show with several other beautiful and gifted models in Ms. Keisha Thompson's official launch of her entire line. I'm very honored to be apart of this opportunity.

See, in the past I never got the opportunity to showcase my gifts because I was always told to "wait" or I was always looked over and or placed to the back burner. No one ever took me seriously as a model, because I was waiting for permission to be GREAT from those who I thought cared about me. But, the truth is... I don't need anyone's permission to be GREAT. Every choice that I make is because I want to make it, not because I was pressured into doing it or manipulated into going along with the "flow."

Every modeling opportunity starting with Women's Empowerment 2013 I have found for myself or I sought out for myself. Why? because I know that it is long overdue for me to rise and be the supermodel, beauty queen, warrior princess (lol) that I was called to be. I should have been a Victoria's Secret model. I should have been modeling for the top designers and travelling all over the world by now.

Every opportunity to model is a chance to practice and perfect my skills and to showcase my gifts. Some women just want to model locally and that is just fine. Some just want to model within the US. That is fine too. But me, I want to be internationally known as a model and artist because I sing too.

I don't just sing. I SANG! lol When people hear me sing they stop everything they are doing, thinking and feeling so that they can hear me. Of course, it is a gift and I believe that God blessed me with it. So all glory and honor belong to God.

But, I'm excited because I'm finally in a peaceful and confident state where I can finally get my chance to shine.

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