Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I Have the Power To Make Myself Happy What About You?

Often, times when people are insecure they reveal themselves to you in the most unpleasant of ways. People who have self esteem issues tend to say things like:

"You made me feel this way..."
"You did this to me..."

I can pin point people like that because I use to say those very same things when someone would do something that I did not like and or did something that "hurt" my feelings. 

Another saying is: "You disrespected me..." Instead of taking responsibility for their own feelings, people with low self confidence, low self esteem, insecurities of any kind always stress the: YOU because the: I. 

They could say, "I felt you disrespected..." or "I felt you hurt my feelings..." But, see that would require for people to "look at the man in the mirror" and most people are terrified of seeing who they really are. 

When you are a person who tends to see the good in others before the bad, you often get caught up in situations where others are blaming you for their insecurities. But, I have come to a point in my life where I only want to be around individuals who are mature enough to take responsibility for their own actions and or how they feel about certain issues or events. 

When things are going good, they want to be in your face smiling and sharing stories. But, the second you say something that they don't like or agree with then you become a target for their tantrums. 

I have see all types of immaturity. But as I reflect on my life experiences I would have to say that the worst type of immaturity to me, is when a man claims to be "grown" and acts as if he has all his ducks in a row, shows off for his new girlfriend but when she is not around he stomps around acting like a two year old when he feels some type of way about a situation. 

I don't have any respect for a man who doesn't address his own personal demons, but instead attacks another person because he "felt some type of way." 

The happiness I'm responsible for at the end of the day is my own. I wish people were more mature. Especially men, how sad to be in your 30's and still throwing tantrums. On top of that, how sad to be in your 30's and still dependent on other people to help you barely make it in life. 

I was raised that a man should be the king of his own castle, the castle that he pays all the bills in. Not mooch off someone else because they are too immature and or lazy to get off their butt and do better in life for themselves. They would rather have someone do it for them, instead of working on so they can have their own. I hate men who want to wear the crown of the king but don't want take any responsibility for what that crown stands for. 

So, men like that I ignore. There are plenty of men who have their own house, pay all their own bills, have two or more degrees, their own businesses and are ready to make major moves in life and they don't let anyone and or anything stop them from being successful by their own standards of success. 

Anyway, I do know that by the time I'm 30 I will be established and fully dependent on my own. The only one I will rely on is GOD, so that way no human can ever say that they were the reason for my successes or failures. I'm responsible for my own life experiences. How I choose to act and or react determines what type of experiences I will have. I wish more people realized that in their own lives. 

Those that do, are better off... those that don't I don't associate with. I don't have time for immaturity. Especially not from any man who still has dreams of being a major well known rap star in their 30's. Sorry boo your time has passed. Get a realistic goal. 

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