Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Kings Don't Share Castles

When you are in college it makes sense to share an apartment with someone because you two are on the same page and trying to get your life in order. I can even understand being in master's school and sharing an apartment too. 

But, after you get out in the real world any real man who claims to be "grown" should pay all his own bills and be the king of his own castle. If they don't they are not a real man. They are not a king.

A lot of men want to wear the crown of the king but not take full responsibility for what that crown represents. They like to pretend to be "grown and in charge" but really they are just big man babies who kiss ass at work and have no real direction in their life, not because they don't have the potential or even the resources but because they are lazy and they would rather have convenience than their own independent stability. 

There are men out there who work two or three jobs, go to school, pay all their bills on time and live a nice peaceful life. There are men who work one full time job, have their own business and take care of their family. So, there is no excuse for a grown man to not have his own castle especially if that grown man has a full time permanent job. 

I could understand if they had an accident and maybe they needed a roommate to help around the house and or with expenses for a little awhile, but not for a whole two years or plus. That's sad and pathetic. They don't have enough common sense or enough self respect to want better for themselves? SMH

The majority of men that I meet nowadays are like children to me. 

They are spoiled and entitled. In my experience they feel just because they work one dead end job for two years that, that makes them a king. No, kings go to work, take care of their business, come home and don't complain. They leave work at work. They learn from their mistakes and keep it moving. They don't come home and sit around like little gossiping girls and complain about "Oh! My job sucks so bad!" "My check is going to be short because...) "This guy on my job doesn't do his job right..." blah blah blah cry me a river. If their job sucks so bad, if they don't pay them what they believe that you are owed then common sense says that maybe they should get a new one. There is no excuse, they bring on their own torment and headache because they're lazy and afraid of change. 

Also kings take responsibility for all their own actions and choices. No one put a gun to their head and told them to work at that job, they have the choice to leave anytime they want to. "well, I bring the numbers... no one else has brought in numbers like me...blah blah blah" So, what? Their numbers will decrease and when they do the second they make a mistake they are out the door and then what are they going to do? Throw a tantrum, like a spoiled child? Nothing lasts forever. 

I have never in my life seen so many complaining grown men in my life. Men who complain about having to work. They want to be respected yet, they don't give others any reason to respect them. I, for one, have no respect for a man who doesn't pay all his own bills in his own house. Sorry. It's pathetic. How long have they been working at that job and in the two years or more that they have been there they couldn't save up enough money to get their own place? Always mooching off someone else. They're afraid of to live their own life. Any man who fears living is a coward in my book. And I don't speak or acknowledge cowards. 

It would be different if they were saving money, while they were in a roommate situation, but since they are use to people always doing for them, they have become expectant and complacent. Why should they have to work hard when they know that others will work hard for them? Coward. Loser. Poor excuse for a man. 

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